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Not So Incognito

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Nov 6, 2013

...up Martin after he missed a voluntary workout during the spring. Instead of fighting back, Martin in fact did the professional, mature thing; he left. Now putting Incognito in a spot where he may have taken the orders too far.

If anything has been incognito about the situation in Miami it’s been Richie Incognito’s sense of guilt. Or maturity, professionalism. Just flat out character.

Before last week’s game, Martin had been reported to have left the team following psychological dilemma, which was then followed by the news that he was being bullied by the team,... (more)

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Trouser Mouse

By charlie nitric, published on Jun 16, 2011

I awoke to a flight attendant nudging at me, “Sir, we’ve landed in Miami. You can depart the plane now. Follow the other passengers over to baggage claim. Thank you for flying United,” she said with a smile. I grabbed my shoulder bag from the overhead storage and exited the plane. I still felt it around my right thigh. It wasn’t an annoying feeling. In fact, it kind of tickled. It was also a little itchy. No worries though. The beach babes await me.

I followed the queue towards our baggage claim area. As I walked down the corridor, I reflected upon the past 12 hours, trying to... (more)

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Cleveland Burns as LeBron Joins Miami Heat

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Jul 9, 2010

They say nothing lasts forever. With that in mind, maybe Cavs fans, let alone the rest of the NBA should've seen this coming.

LeBron James' decision to not resign with his hometown Cavaliers and to join All-Stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami for the 2010-11 season was expected after rumors swirled about James flying down to Miami to meet with Heat president Pat Riley before Thursday night's 1-hour ESPN special "The Decision." James posted on his @kingjames Twitter account "The Road to History begins now." shortly after he landed in South Beach last night.

As one end of... (more)

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20th Annual At&t Fiesta Broadway

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Apr 30, 2009 on the Main Stage got under way with a performance by El Nene and Cesar Brizuela, Rogelio Martinez and Mexican Regional Sensation and top-selling artist Graciela Beltran. Panama singer Flex cemented his status amongst the legends winning big (8 Billboard Latin Grammys) at a ceremony in Miami. The crowd couldn’t get enough of this rising star. El Chapo de Sinaloa a star of Banda music reign over AT&T Fiesta Broadway as Grand Marshall. Paquita la del Barrio served as Queen of AT&T Fiesta Broadway 20th Anniversary. Councilmember 14th District Jose Huizar and Anita... (more)

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Walking In Faith: Wolves In Sheeps Clothing

By Lumiere, published on Apr 16, 2009

...our Media is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, how can anyone get real news? Now that our televisions have gone digital and can be interupted and controlled via satellite it could be snowing in Texas and 106 degrees in Detroit. Hell, the govermentcould declare Martial Law in Miami. How would you really know? Just like know one quiet knows why hundreds of thousand of coffins are being shipped to Alaska as we speak. How many of our soldiers are falling and we are not being told? Does anyone know.

Personally, I think Benjamin Franklin was a genius. He understood... (more)

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Actor Kevin Byrd Honored During Black History For Advocacy

By Phil Andrews, published on Feb 9, 2009

... Day in the month of February 2009.

The following city states are Dayton, OH, Manchester, N. H, Pittsburgh, PA, LasVegas, NV, Rome,Syracuse, and Albany, N.Y, Atlanta and Macon, GA, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA, Boston, Mass, New Hampshire, Conn, Louisville, Ky, North Charleston, S. C, Miami, FL, New Haven, N.H, Honolulu, HW, Kansas City, MI, WestFargo, N. D, Vancover, WA, Minneapolis, MN, Alburquerque, N.M, Jackson, MS, Detroit, MI, St.Louis, MO, Chattanooga, TENN, RockSprings, WY, North little Rock, AK, Birmingham, AL, Manitowoc, WI, Houston, TX, Nigara Falls CA, and Kingston,... (more)

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Smooth Grooves At "taste Of Soul"

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Oct 22, 2008

...for the crowd who were anxiously waiting to see Brian McKnight. Brian McKnight featuring saxophonist Boney James was the icing on the cake to close out another splendid Taste of Soul.

In just three short years, Taste of Soul is already on par with “A Taste of Chicago” in Chicago, Illinois, “Calle Ocho” in Miami, Florida and “Fiesta Broadway” in Downtown Los Angeles. This is a must attend event of the year. The 4th Annual Taste of Soul is scheduled for Saturday, October 17, 2009. “Come for the food, stay for the music.”



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Despite Financial Crisis, Campaign Business Is Booming

By JasonTaylor, published on Sep 19, 2008

...crisis in generations.”

Just two days earlier, Obama raised an estimated 9 million dollars during a Beverly Hills fundraiser, with each contributor paying 28,500 for admission to the event. Three days earlier, Senator John McCain raised 5.1 million dollars during an event in Miami. Obama raised a record 66 million dollars during the month of August while McCain achieved a personal best of 47 million.

Yes Virginia, there is a financial crisis; unless, of course, you work in the campaign industry.

The Fundamentals of Campaigning Are Strong

The two... (more)

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CSI To Gain New Role/actor

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 20, 2008

...into that good night (say after season 15 because my acting has not only garnered me at least five Emmy nominations, and one actual Emmy and also shot the program back into the top 10 making CBS Thursday night unbeatable as in the days of M*A*S*H and All in the Family) then I can move down to Miami (CSI:Miami that is), revive that show giving CBS another Kick ass Monday night schedule and then finally, after receiving three more Emmy nominations and another Emmy for Adam J. Burke I can move north to (CSI:)New York and finish off there with three more nominations and another statue while... (more)

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Television Trivia: Are You More Tube Than Boob?

By Venditto, published on May 31, 2008


A. Tommy and Dickie

B. Ricky and Roger

C. Frank and Sammy

D. Dan and Dick

9. I Love Lucy was the top rated television show for 4 years in the 1950's. What city did this pro- feminist sit com take place in?

A. New York

B. Miami

C. Los Angeles

D. Chicago

10. "All in the Family" the highest rated show of the 1970's featured a drunken Irish bastard who was openly racist, homophobic and often threatened his wife with implied violence. His hippie, tree huggin' son in law on the show was... (more)

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