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Liptember - Awareness for mental health issues for women

By Shaun Gibson, published on Sep 5, 2013

Kayla Tacken, a real person, suffering for real, please help her cause and your own perhaps. Do you suffer? Then help this young woman help you x Mental Health, PLEASE HELP!! PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN x

Above is a young woman, a friend’s Daughter who suffers what I call an invisible illness. We all have or know someone with one, an illness that affects not just the person but also family and relatives. I know from my own invisible illness it affects me, my family and friends, we need to find our own cures sadly as Government don’t really put too much into it

So here, I am asking... (more)

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By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 3, 2013

The pain is like all over body toothache

I ask for God for him to come and take

It burns me bad and leaves me crying

Some days I just feel like quickly dying

I was told this pain is what people feel about to fly

Poor people feel when they in hospital about to die

I can only say it cuts me bad and makes me mad

This is why I spend a fortune on my swanky Pad

When I can’t sleep and the pain is burning bad

I always have things to do that keep me being sad

But they are only gadgets spent with crooked money

Sometimes alone... (more)

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Angel, Part 2

By D. Sager, published on Dec 5, 2011

The rest of the night blurred by, like so many nights do, when you don't have the courage to look for a tomorrow. I stumbled home with her image emblazoned on my mind, falling asleep, dreaming of angels. Opening my eyes in drunken squints, can someone turn off that damn light? I laughed, of course not, it was the sun greeting me to a new day. I showered off the smell, but the after effects of the night hung on until afternoon. By then, my mind was way ahead of the day, thinking that tonight I will run into my angel again. She left enough of me wanting, to keep my attention. The wolf will let... (more)

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