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There’s a Hole in My Bucket , Dear Liza

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 26, 2013

The stress vulnerability bucket is a way to explain why some people experience anxiety, depression, paranoia or a psychotic episode. I heard this illustration explained at a conference more than 10 years ago and I find that it is still the easiest way to explain how mental illness affects people

Think of each person’s ability to handle stress as a bucket with holes in the bottom. Some people from stable home backgrounds with relaxed, cheerful temperaments might have a large bucket to handle stress while others who are high-strung or perhaps wounded from child abuse or unstable... (more)

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Making the Invisible, Visible

By melanie jean juneau, published on Aug 28, 2013

I was confused as well as repulsed; Cindy, a pretty young woman cut herself. It seemed completely inexplicable to me. Of course I recoiled from her. Interestingly soon after this encounter, one of my daughters broke her foot. Suddenly she attracted people who were eager to help her. I was struck by the contrasting reactions. Two women, both hurting, yet only one garnered sympathy.

Picture these two separate scenes.

In the first vignette, a smiling young woman with a cumbersome backpack, leans with both hands on a walker as she edges towards heavy doors leading to a lecture hall.... (more)

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Letting Our Shadows Out of the Closet

By melanie jean juneau, published on May 8, 2013

...cigarettes to help ‘take the edge off’. More and more sick days are the result of depression and other mental health issues. However it never enters most people’s minds to seek professional help until they are in a crisis or even must be committed. There still is stigma attached to mental illness.

Most of us who do seek help, gloss over our issues saying we go for counselling because simply as a self help resource. The labels are so damning.”Post traumatic stress disorder, restless leg syndrome, depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, paranoia, panic attacks"…. the labels... (more)

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Herbie, So Happy To Know You Are No Longer Billy the Kid

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 18, 2013

I recently heard some very interesting news about a man I had worked with in the drop-in...a very difficult case. If I am totally honest, I use to worry what would happen next with this man. My reason for the worry, was he had a tendency to be violent at times. Few people could relate in any way with him...but it was my job to keep this, and him under control.

Herbie had severe Paranoid Schizophrenia. He seemed to have lost total touch with reality. Let me tell you a few things that I had to deal with on an everyday basis. I never knew what was coming next with him. One day,... (more)

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Lessons From The Drop-In...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 4, 2012

Some things You Should NEVER DO if you work in a drop-in lol

Practical Lessons In Survival I was so naive.....

There are some very important things you need to learn very quickly if you want to survive working in a drop-in for street people. Man, was I christened within the first few days . Looking back, it really is quite funny to me how naive I was then. Didn't take me long to wise up some. It was a matter of survival, mine and theirs.

First, and this is a definate NO-NO. Do not empty the ashtrays. Well it seemed to me that if they had butts in them, I should... (more)

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Everybody Is Beautiful

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 6, 2012

I am revisiting Howard for those of my new friends who may enjoy meeting Howard....another person gone but not forgotten. Howard was one of the many people I met and worked with at a drop-in for the homeless....The many lessons I was privileged to learn from so many has stood the test of time and bettered my own life in so many ways. I would like to tell you about Howard, another one of God's beautiful creations. Howard was around 30 years old and had been coming to the drop-in for around 5 years. Under all the crazy long reddish brown matted hair, the fringed suede coat, the dirty... (more)

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Loony Tunes

By Anastasia , published on Feb 15, 2012

... the virtual lexicon!) There have been cases of people being killed by paranoid schizophrenics, allegedly obeying voices in their heads. Liddle’s Spectator column was written as a reflection on Why Did You Kill My Dad?, a BBC documentary in which film-maker Julian Hendy drew a link between mental illness and homicide, made all the more compelling for him by the tragic death by stabbing of his father four years ago. Unfortunately I did not see this documentary but Liddle says the conclusion was that there is a greater threat to the general public than health care professionals are prepared... (more)

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Red Trails - I need to feel (Poem of the Cutter)

By D. Sager, published on Jan 5, 2012

A razor drawn, through the colors of my life

Red trails follow, enough to spite.

Angles deep and narrow channel

Direct the flow, excite the annals.

Now I’m left with the tint of life

Spreading quickly toward a light.

I yield again to the cutting's peace

Nothing left not even speech.

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Diary of a Mad Man

By D. Sager, published on Dec 28, 2011

...My mind races with thousands of thoughts a minute, deep thoughts, all of them.

I ask for no special treatment, just for a bit of patience with me as you accompany me on my journey through this world. Please, not only with me, but with the many others afflicted in a like manner, be sure you understand that although the pain of mental illness is not visible, it does handicap us from doing things in a normal manner. Be patient with crazy people, we really are cool, even if it takes us awhile to work our way through the battlefields of life.

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Russian Roulette

By D. Sager, published on Dec 15, 2011

I slid bullets into the chamber, spinning the cylinder, my world balancing on a razor's edge, looking down the barrel of the gun.

That was how it ended up, but the beginning was only moments before...

The cabinet was open. I fancied the .38, its slight sheen producing a dull rainbow of metallic colors. I loaded it with hollow points, short and thick, like me. Looking curiously at the soft lead, its deep hole a receptacle for my soul, I held it up to my temple. Looking, without seeing, in the glass of the gun cabinet, my reflection taunted me, but I felt nothing, ignoring the... (more)

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