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Personality Disorder or Human Emotion?

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Jun 5, 2012

I have always been someone who analyzes everything, the smallest details never escape my thoughts and i always thought that t was my BIGGEST flaw. Come to think of it, i thought it was something close to my DOOM – perhaps that it would even be my ultimate undoing. Boy was i wrong! I admit, the things i think of and the solutions i bestow upon myself and others, are a bit out there. Needless to say… I’m not normal! As a matter of fact, shit… I am insane!!!

Now i can hear my closest friends/relatives/followers agreeing with me – and i like it. Never really intended to be different nor... (more)

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Commitment Hearing

By Kent5, published on Nov 4, 2010

There was a little self-help group with a shabby old office right in the center of town, and I sometimes worked as a volunteer there, answering the phone and doing other kinds of office tasks. Once in a while, we tried to also help people trapped inside institutions when they requested it, and one morning when I was there such a request was phoned in by somebody.

They asked if we could send a volunteer or two to attend a commitment hearing that was going to start in about an hour. Apparently the accused person wanted to have some sympathetic audience members there, for moral support... (more)

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