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A Death Called Dove

By D. Sager, published on Mar 3, 2014

...but giving away the hidden life

Reduced to nothing and shut in by strife

Again the hungry clock stood its watch o'er gentle dove Only to alight were she would ne'er to fly

Wings fail to carry her to comforting sky

Talented feathery quills of reaching passion stoned to silence Will giving her gifts to the clouds that call

Only create small pieces in the memory of all

Just dreams of doves laying torn in dawns fading embrace O fragile dove you'll ne'er see forever pain

Walking in silence 'cause your wings are maimed

First published in Opinions Of Eye  (more)

Tags: poem, fear, violent, silence, angry, foe, memory, wings, blade, dove, meredith taylor, quills, dmw

A Moment To Remember

By Rahul, published on Nov 14, 2013

...missed just because they hesitated even though it was in their grasp. The one moment that I promised to myself that I won’t miss to regret later was that with my true love, our intimate moments, worrying not about the society and its sarcastic approval ceremony for our life together. Love a memory that lasts forever was always a dramatic fantasy to me, with appropriate words uttered always and perfect scenes in romantic shades. How I will find her, how it will happen to me and how I will behave afterwards, all of this I have thought about in advance but when it really happened to me, I... (more)

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A Mind Map : Organize Your Thoughts Better!

By Andrewspenceonline, published on Aug 2, 2013

...of this power of diagrams by transforming your thoughts into visuals. You start “visualizing” your thoughts. You can graphically organize your ideas around a core idea.


Tony Buzan, a 67-year-old British educator was the leader of this memory training. He was also a self-styled guru and he published around 120 titles related to the topic. He practiced the art of memory for many years, and when he decided to teach his techniques, he created what he felt was a completely new system of taking notes. This led him to codes, symbols,... (more)

Tags: personal development, memory, mind map, mindmap, mindmapping, tony buzan, mind mapping, memory improvement

Memory, Software, Hardware & Evolution

By M H Ahssan, published on Nov 1, 2011

As a neurologist trying to diagnose Alzheimer’s, amongst the shortcuts one uses are tests for short term memory. One gives a patient unrelated few phrases to remember, like three red roses, one white envelope, 1700 Sansom Street. One repeats this once again, asking the patient to repeat and remember it and then distracts the patient with irrelevant small talk for a few minutes. Then the demand is made for the patient to repeat the series in correct order without prompting or hints.

Alzheimer’s patients in the early phase fail to repeat correctly. It is not that memory is the sine qua... (more)

Tags: india, health, evolution, software, hardware, medical, memory, m h ahssan, alzheimer

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