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His Life's Opus

By Jack Bates, published on Jan 27, 2010

It was a brisk spring day. The wind danced across the face of the pond. The morning sun betrayed the rippling foot prints of the wind upon the water's surface. A beautiful ritual of awakening began at the pond. Fish chased the wind, only to catch a vaporous footprint. Birds serenaded the sun as it rose from it's resting place behind the mountain's peak.

Even as the world awoke, the night's chorus came to an end. Bull frogs set aside bass and kettle drums. Water walkers and dragon flies stowed violins, flutes and piccolos. The spotlight dimmed as the moon set. The curtains parted... (more)

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Sugar Cookie Memories of Grandma

By Anne Coleman, published on Dec 28, 2009

...forehead. The worn oilcloth floor crackles under foot. And the fragrance in the air ... Heaven. There is no memory more alive to me when I remove Grandma's recipe for Brown Sugar Cookies from its drawer than this one. Great-grandma was already very old when I was born - in her 80's - and my memories of her are few and fleeting, but that kitchen, and grandma ever-present and baking in it, are etched into my mind with a clarity like no other. I don't recall words ever being spoken, no requests for help, or offers of raw dough to nibble; just grandma's still-nimble fingers busy at their task ... (more)

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Creating A Magical Christmas Vacation... On A Budget

By Casandra Kennedy, published on Nov 18, 2009

... to conjure up ways to put on my "mommy" face and not let them know that this year Santa was broke. While looking over the abundance of toys they have acquired over the years, I was struck with an idea... an idea that is so anti-modern Christmas that it just may work! Substituting presents with memories! What?! How can someone pull that off? It's actually easier than I thought, and here is how:

Step One: Assess your budget. How much do you usually spend per child? This is important because you need a figure to work down from. Sure you could just say "here is what I have and that's... (more)

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Memories Are Unforgettable

By Ladymaggic, published on Dec 15, 2008

...the spicy aromas of gluwine after a day skiing, and freshly washed hair, and linen dried in the sunny wind. The scent that had me reeling recently was dead sheep. Rob always came to me still smelling of the dead sheep he had shorn, and the pungent smell of rotting wildlife and wet wool brings memories that are almost hypnotic in the powerful blast of past. I had forgotten about that till memory hit me so hard that I whimpered in pain. Do we remember touch? I touched a face and remembered the softness of my son and child, as he lay in my arms. A young boy hugged me, and I felt the strong... (more)

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A Pirate Looks At Forty

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 1, 2008

I hope this gets published before midnight because today, July 31, is my birthday.  And it's not just any birthday, I'm now officially the same age as Jack Benny --- again.  It's my second year of being 39.  Okay, enough with the bull, I'm forty.  Whoo hoo...

I was born in what has been called the most tumultous year America has known: 1968.  In that year, America faced: the Tet Offensive, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson's adamat refusal to stand for re-election, the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., The Beatles self-titled album The Beatles more commonly... (more)

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