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Everybody Is Beautiful

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 6, 2012

I am revisiting Howard for those of my new friends who may enjoy meeting Howard....another person gone but not forgotten. Howard was one of the many people I met and worked with at a drop-in for the homeless....The many lessons I was privileged to learn from so many has stood the test of time and bettered my own life in so many ways. I would like to tell you about Howard, another one of God's beautiful creations. Howard was around 30 years old and had been coming to the drop-in for around 5 years. Under all the crazy long reddish brown matted hair, the fringed suede coat, the dirty... (more)

Tags: memories, mental illness, lessons, compassion, seeing with our hearts

A Strong Mother and Son

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 4, 2012 the wisdom of this world, you were placed on the path you needed to be on. I was reminded of this recently and this is exactly why I keep doing what I do. I was out shopping at Walmart and I ran into a former client of mine. This is a woman from at least fifteen years ago. My memories of her and her son forever etched in my heart. A lady who was a single parent of a ten-year old boy. I remember when I first met her how it was difficult for her to even look at me when she talked. The pain she was carrying was literally wearing her down to the point of not even... (more)

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Jail Bird Part 2

By Inmyredhead, published on Mar 24, 2012

...and introspective adventure that I felt sure awaited me after I volunteered with a friend to stay the night in a brand new jail facility. Though there was little in the way of solitude and quiet contemplation, I certainly did experience a profound awakening of long set aside childhood memories. And this is why this is the hard part. It's easy to briefly touch on the overall experience as a whole. But going deeper into the experience reveals a more traumatic scene.

During our overnight stay at the yet untested facility, we were given a tour of the compound. We were 'booked'... (more)

Tags: prison, jail, memories, abuse, father, guilt, sally port


By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 12, 2012


transposed energy

brought to transference

as exigency

soothing the jagged sensibility ***

Caressed, stroked, fondled

cherished, felt, blessed...

then put down again

to draw upon

when the soul cries for them***

Remembered embers of yesterday's delights..

enraptured surrenders of

the souls "home"

Unforgotten shadows

congruent but not released ***

Learning from them

I place them gently

in my soul's attic

to draw strength when

drowning... (more)

Tags: poetry, memories, good, bad, bittersweet

Love in thar Desert

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 5, 2011

...I could explain that she left me half way. In frustration I handed over my Mo- Bike to garage owner at New Delhi saying that, I will come back but I never went back.

Neither that girl and nor that Mo-Bike is with me but yes at times they do come back and I go back to those roads in my memories. Where ever you are my love do remember that once we drove onto those roads of THAR DESERT. When very few dared to venture out in the desert and we did it. If ever you go back on to those roads again; I hope you would remember that once upon a time we both wished to write the story of our... (more)

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I Miss You Mom

By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 26, 2011

11 years back I lost my mother. Her last days were really very painful. She tried hard and ultimately gave up because she couldn't bear the pain. I witnessed her rapid degeneration which subsequently turned into multi system atrophy. She endured the agonizing moments with dignity which left an indelible mark over me. I need to answer her by following her. I still remember the scorching heat of Indian summer the way she kept us safe. Yes, you kept us safe in all the weather. How can I forget the long black hair; the sight of you sitting out in the sun with hair open in one of those cold Sunday... (more)

Tags: love, death, memories, mother, care, old age, son

My First Crush : Monica

By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 20, 2011

I just cannot forget the hot sultry days of Bamrauli Air force station in Allahabad. Haunting melodies of 60’s were also making way into the lives of Airmen of Indian Air Force. And one of the most haunting music of its time came in movie by name ‘COME SEPTEMBER’. My father was an Airman and the mess parties were regular feature. Like many other youngsters I too always brazenly tried to hone my twisting skills in those mess party’s. And the music of ‘COME SEPTEMBER’ could elicit the best out of me. I can vividly recall a dainty girl in pink frock when I met her first time in one of the party... (more)

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By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 6, 2011

Out of blue if given a chance for you to listen to the voice of your great grand father of whom you must have heard from your parents or grand father or it may be you must have only seen his old blurred photograph in military uniform. How you would feel if it so happened? Exactly this is what happened to me when one day a news report caught my attention and that was about Soldiers of World War I. The extract of the news was like this; during WW I many POW camps were doting the Germany map. At that that time few German scholars experimented with an idea to have a museum of all the languages... (more)

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Franki deMerle is the Author of Deception Past and Dragonfly

By Wrp68, published on Jul 14, 2011

...This collection was self-published to avoid editorial intervention and as a fundraiser for women in Uganda with HIV/AIDS.

Deception Past

Deception Past by Franki deMerle is the story of a girl whose Catholic upbringing leaves no room for her past life. From her earliest memories, Sand Strasburg has known that the life she is living is not her first. Sand’s story is told by Brenda Campbell through the use of tarot cards. Though a generation apart, Brenda grew up as Sand’s neighbor, and both women’s lives are filled with pain and betrayal. As a friend of... (more)

Tags: poetry, dreams, memories, reincarnation, premonitions, past life regression

Diary of a Mad Social Worker

By joshuaallen, published on Mar 31, 2011

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

A few days ago the author was approached by a social worker. The interview covered several topics. The worker wishes to remain anonomous.

We know, this is true for just about every source that speaks with us. There is a lot of fear out there. It shouldn’t be that way; we are writing about child abuse, and the individuals who try to do something about it, the brave ones on all sides who try to make a difference.

* * * *

The Young Social Worker got to know Rodolfo as a toddler, just when he was barely able to... (more)

Tags: pain, memories, corruption, child abuse, social work

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