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Still remember like Yest'day

By Rahul, published on Apr 18, 2013

Still remember like yest'rday,

When I saw you first time,

I felt a tug inside and

-my whole world changed.

Still remember like yest'day,

How I loved the first shine,

Reaching early to see you

-and the last ride home with you.

Still remember like yest'day,

How your every smile was, was

-all that I lived for each day.

And you became my life.

Still remember like yest'day,

How things changed once you were mine -

and how priorities changed.

Loved you in my own way -

but just can't remember... (more)

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People and Places - a poem.

By iancochrane, published on Apr 9, 2013

the place I see is special;

a block of stone or wending path

built by many hands or feet.

and in my dream, I dream of this:

a vibration, scent or residue,

from pasts that are long lost.

till when I wake the dream takes shape,

wrought of violence, longing or regret:

the sum of much, so little left.


Tags: memories, magic, people, dreaming, special, places, south australia, flinders ranges, residue

The Hair Incident

By Rahul, published on Feb 8, 2013

I was in my first years, when that incident happened. Joined an engineering college in Coimbatore and had to endure a lot to push through the first six months as a newbie. Staying away from home, constant humiliation from the seniors in the name of ragging, pressure of assignments and class tests and above all the daily struggle for adjusting my stomach to the hostel food had made my life a mini hell. Though each day felt like a struggle to survive there were many memorable incidents which were much exiting and some most weird. Such an incident happened around the curly hair of two of my... (more)

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Like few THREADS.

By Rahul, published on Jan 26, 2013

Now when I think about how I was when I reached twenty, all my life behind was only a vague picture to me then. It was like numerous threads stretched parallel not touching each other leaving gaps which I couldn't connect. I kept on trying, looking back again and again but nothing was clear to me. There were times when I could spot the threads that carried the precious moments of happiness and the ones which carried the saddest moments but when I try to think about them my face got sad and it felt like they were just threads laid apart so apart from my life.

I was hopeless and totally... (more)

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Journey On

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jan 15, 2013

Appointed we embraced Walking into the flame

Inseparable we danced in unity

Discerning we would never be the same...

Fall gave birth to joyWinter we bathed in the warmthSummer welcomed us daily

Spring brought forth fruition of growth

Rains and clouds passed us by

Dissolving into rainbows...

Carpeted in mellow thoughts

Our story is written

Never to be destroyed

Without us

One would not be

Who we are now...

Even in the void There is still existenceThrough the tears We remember and celebrate Standing on... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 14, 2012 nothing they can say that I will not listen to with love and empathy. No matter how deep the pain and wounds, there is no need to feel ashamed, as my own vulnerable human heart is given to them.

Remembering is usually done in a progressive fashion. First the less traumatic memories surface. It's almost as if they are testing ground to know if more is shown that they will still be safe and not be judged. As the degree of acceptance grows one becomes more secure in getting to the core of our pain.

Finding the core is a journey that many have never gone... (more)

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Grandpa’s Note to Robby, December 11, 1996

By HomeRearedChef, published on Nov 29, 2012

My father was a man who only read the sports section of the paper or the comics, and didn’t write unless he had to: a birthday card or Christmas card. He wrote this note on a whim, on paper just lying around the house, and then had my youngest sister fax it to his eleven-year-old grandson.

I copied dad’s note just as he wrote it, and you’ll notice that he spelled “Grampa” just like he heard the kids pronounce his name.

Dear Robbie (12/11/96)

I was glad to read of your improvement in bowling. I am involved in a Christian Fellowship bowling league. The league has played twelve... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 25, 2012

Time slips away

I know I can not rewind this gift

I cry out to this senseless universe

Longing to hold in my hands

One last moment when life

Was as I knew it

You were here with me...

We never know what time

Will steal from us

We must treasure every second

Speak all the unspoken emotions

Left behind unsaid

Unlittered by this cancerous evil...

If I had known

I'd drench us in joy

Hold every second in

The palm of my hand

Played in all the colors

Drowning us in joy

... (more)

Tags: memories, tears, longing, grief, sadness, friend

Dream and Live

By Uttam Gill, published on Aug 24, 2012 are deceived and that’s not an end. With that alien in you, your identity is lost. In the spell of alien you are dead.

It is not over; let me say with absolute certainty that there are defining moments which spoils the game of alien. In our mind there are certain sacred and sweet memories which are etched forever and that can never be robbed. And these etched impressions, lie dormant for years but with the kiss of one magical moment, it awakens you to find your lost self. These impressions are nothing but your dreams of existence. It is about the time when you laughed danced... (more)

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Love and The Joy Of Hurting

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 31, 2012

I know all of us have struggled with losing someone we love dearly. Some more then others. I found this and thought there was great comfort in these words. I hope they have the same effect on you. Love never dies, it lives in our memories forever. How could it be that someone who was part of your soul just disappears? Life is energy. Love is life. There is no way to put out energy, so therefore it follows that love is eternal also.

"Do you like what you do?" she asked me. "I write about happy things," I said. "Wait a minute. I've read your work. You made me cry sometimes,"... (more)

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