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Spend 10K or more to become special with Sonia Choquette

By Savattra, published on May 7, 2007

... of Denver to become a TWA flight attendant and then quit flying to read full time. She can't do anything else but read so she has a natural motivation to maximize her practice. Dr. Orloff is a board certified psychiatrist who graduated from UCLA Medical School and is still licensed to practice medicine. If Judith Orloff never gave another workshop she would be financially OK still. Sonia needs to hook in client and have them come back for more and more. Most of her dedicated students are seeking spiritual specialness .... and trying to get a quick fix credibility through her mini events.... (more)

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"Everyone loves a bright white smile"

By Matt Weston, published on Jan 17, 2007

... ready to receive the gold or amalgam restoration.” Gold? Varnish? Pliers? 1929??? I realize it is unfair to single out one company as the villain. There must be hundreds of firms pushing similar, potentially gum- and enamel-rotting products. Let us look to the ADA as our beacon of sound medicine and honest counsel. For those looking into at-home bleaching regimens, the ADA advises, “you may want to start by speaking with your dentist.” You may … and then again, you may not. The tone here concedes that it hardly... (more)

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The best medicine for all your stressful life woes...

By Alethea, published on Nov 9, 2006

Stress hurts. As I’ve discussed in a previous article, it may be from heartache through some type of break up, whether it is ending a long term friendship, an intimate relationship or maybe it’s pain from loosing a loved one. But other types of physical effects can come from other types of stress. The pain may feel different, like a tension headache, muscle strain, insomnia, or tightened airways from dealing with moving or changing jobs. There’s a variety of situations life will throw at you, good and bad, but stress is surely intertwined in a fair amount of it. And there will be invariant... (more)

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Blue Humans of the Future Evolve into Whatever

By Charles Harmison, published on Oct 18, 2006

...section, which focuses on him called “The Hell Scenario” there is a particularly amusing possibility put forth. Amusing that is if you found the last zombie movie to be too easy on the humans. We have all heard of nanobots and the benefits that they could bring everything from medicine to window cleaner. Well there is an incredibly terrible possibility that once we turn the first one on it will make another of itself and continue to do so until it takes every last molecule on the planet and turns it into another nanobot. In this case, the end of the world and all life as... (more)

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What can YOU do?

By Shari G, published on Oct 13, 2006 a charity or volunteering time in your busy life, he has designed a way for you to get something back in return. There is a line of products called "Red" which include t-shirts, cell phones, converse sneakers, etc. where if you purchase these products, half of the proceeds will go to buy medicine for people afflicted with HIV/AIDS in Africa. 150,000 people die every month over there from HIV. That is like having 2 World Trade centers go down every month, or a Tsunami every month. YOU can make a difference and get some very cool things in return. Just go see the sight (more)

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Prescription for Broken Hearts?

By Alethea, published on Oct 3, 2006

...and aching? Yes. Emotional pain does in indeed have real physical effects. An UCLA study conducted brain scans which showed that two of the same brain regions that are activated by physical pain are also activated by social exclusion. Another study published by the New England Journal of Medicine last year indicated that heartbreak can even simulate symptoms of heart failure. Chronic stress can also greatly increase chances of heart disease. Aside from the immediate pains of heartbreak, the loss of a social support system can be one of the most detrimental things to your health.... (more)

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