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Who's in Charge of Your Health? It Might not Be Your Doctor

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 30, 2007

...responded, "but that was not what was prescribed by my daughter's doctor." The "representative", replied, "Well, I just wanted you to know what was available on a more economical tier." The mother then asked the "Question of all Questions."... "And just who makes these decisions on what medicines are allocated to each specific tier?"......Either the "representative" had recently been given a injection of some sort of truth serum or he felt no shame in responding: "Oh, every once in a while, members of the pharmaceutical companies meet with members of the insurance company and those... (more)

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My Virtual Life

By Ivan Homeless, published on Dec 12, 2007

...fed. These women selflessly donate breast milk to mothers who are having trouble breastfeeding their own babies for any reason. They have advice on treating infections and illnesses due to breastfeeding that most medical doctors have never heard of yet are more effective than anything western medicine has come up with. They can talk you through a nursing strike, the oh so frightening event of your breastfed baby refusing to nurse, there are women willing to share their stories of extended strikes lasting over a month and how they got through. They are the village that is helping to raise... (more)

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"Moon The Loon"

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Nov 15, 2007

...guy. I think he was haunted by the death of his chauffeur/bodyguard, and by the divorce of his wife. He was depressed, and gained a lot of weight in his last years. Keith did, however, try to get his act together. He cut back on his drinking, and took Heminevrin pills, an anti-alchoholism medicine. Moonie's final night out was as a guest of Paul McCartney at the preview of the film The Buddy Holly Story on September 7, 1978. After dining with Paul and Linda McCartney, Moon and his girlfriend, Annette Walter-Lax, left the party early and returned to their flat. He died that night at... (more)

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The Pro

By quin browne, published on Nov 12, 2007

...not thought of that.. and his eyes drifted to make contact with people walking, shaking the cup. As he talked, telling me of what they'd done while traveling, how they'd gone from city to city, with no real destination, settling on New York because of the free stuff they could score, the medicine, the housing, the hands dropping money in his cup... that this was a good place for them. "So, you really aren't stranded." "No, not really. We can really score here in New York, you know." I stood up. "Yeah," he said, warming to his subject, "I don't like having change. At the end ... (more)

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Notes on Zambia

By Bradley Fink, published on Oct 24, 2007

...this she agreed, and we spoke of Nelson Mandela. In the end I learned from her many things. Certainly this is a place in need, and only commerce and (economic) activity will help to improve it, to better the standards of living, to help the youth gain means to an education, to mobility, to medicine, to information, and the desire to help one another advance themselves. I personally don’t see how this can be achieved in any short length of time. But it must happen, as here in Africa these people are facing (and will face more increasingly) pressure from the western world to adapt... (more)

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Jazz At Drew-Good For Your Health

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Oct 8, 2007

...most popular music and charity events. This year featured another outstanding stellar line-up of jazz, gospel, R&B, and Latin jazz greats who performed on Saturday, October 6 and Sunday, October 7, 2007 in the grassy outdoor setting on the campus of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science in Los Angeles. The Drew University All-Stars got the festival under way. The All-Stars include University and hospital employees and friends. The audience was treated to an invigorating music performance by the group on the tunes “R.J. Song”, “My Dreams”,... (more)

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Diversity In Entertainment Becoming More Mainstream

By KLiedle, published on Sep 26, 2007 the upcoming year. Other networks have followed suit. It also doesn’t hurt to have people in charge like Shonda Rhimes, creator and executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy. Even the Grey’s promotional tagline implies racial and ethnic diversity as well as plotlines: "Medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey"(promotional tagline) Salma Hayek has used her clout as a well-known Latina actress to get things done in the past, such as her pet project, Frida. Lately, however, it’s been all about her... (more)

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Link TV....Television without Borders lives up to its claim.

By Steven Lane, published on Sep 9, 2007

...wells, insisting on regular vaccinations for young children, dealing with complications of pregnancy, and even comparing professional notes with a traditional healer who comes in for a diagnosis. The 37-year-old doctor, who declares that he is proud to be practicing the "noble art of medicine," works at a fixed salary and lives most of the year apart from his family in Bamako. He is an affable personality with an engaging sense of humor who relates easily to his patients, but he will also angrily get in someone's face when they persist in perpetuating unsanitary conditions that... (more)

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The Silent Crisis: The Rising Costs of Health Care

By Credo, published on Sep 1, 2007

...a result of the governments intention to cover the bill. Canadians pay no healthcare bills and have no need for any of the bureaucracy that generally follow our healthcare system (filling out forms, filing income tax, paying healthcare insurance paying medical co-payments and the high cost of medicine). The most interesting thing I have found out about this comparison between American and Canadian healthcare is that Canadians live far longer than Americans and this seems to be as a result of their healthcare system which acts immediately upon any emergency, has an excellent health... (more)

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Sister Sandy Koufax

By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 7, 2007

...and dropping at least 20 before one miraculously fell into my glove; my first World Series (1968 – Detroit beat St. Louis), watching Bob Gibson scowl as he struck out 18 Tigers reminded me of our fourth grade Physical Education teacher, Mr. Cannon, who believed in jumping jacks and medicine balls and couldn’t tolerate “mouthy punks” like myself. I’ll also always fondly recall my very first little league uniform -- a t-shirt that shrunk to half its size after the first washing and gradually got smaller with every subsequent trip through the laundry... (more)

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