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By Scorpion Sting, published on May 15, 2013

We have allot to cover today. It seems that we have some seriously unhappy motherfuckers lurking out in la-la-land who need a better hobby. I'm here to help you sad bitches. If you take this message personally...........well...........fuck you because you really need to be offended by someone, anyone. Yes, I'm the person who needs to offend you because you are fucking stupid and you write to me like I really am going to cherish what the fuck you have to say. Boo the fuck hoo! There is no nice way to put it, you're just fucking stupid. I used to think that I had a high tolerance for other people's... (more)

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The Chronic Ignorance Scale - 1 to 10

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Feb 9, 2012

Chronic pain. Most of us think we know what these two words mean when used together. Billions have been spent trying to decipher their meaning, address their implications, understand their dimensions, their truths and falsehoods. Medications, both licit and illicit, are but one response to that meaning. In the unraveling of their hidden codes, we have discovered obstacles, such as addiction, suicide, incarceration. Some who claim its mark are believed, others seriously doubted, its subjective nature slippery, it avoids easy quantification. It may be a constant, or fluctuate for any of numerous... (more)

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On Child Abuse, Therapy, and

By joshuaallen, published on Mar 10, 2011 to sit on the other side of the couch, beyond some of their graduating requirements.

Many would claim that this is not a limitation on the intern's ability to do good work. Therapy after all is time consuming and expensive and significant results (without the use of psychotropic medications) can take a great deal of time.

The efficacy of therapy for foster children then is something not often discussed, since there are few if any real alternatives or substitutes that can partially make up for why a child is placed in foster care in the first place.

Some children... (more)

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Foster Children: I'm Okay, You're Medicated

By joshuaallen, published on Aug 31, 2010

Several years ago there was a foster agency with a high percentage of children on psychotropic medication. The reason for this was because the agency had on contract with a psychiatrist who would examine foster children brought to the agency by foster parents to determine if the abused and neglected children qualified (medically) for psychotropic medication.

This procedure was terribly convenient for the foster parents and the agency. It is extremely difficult to get a foster child a timely appointment to see a psychiatrist. Appointments certainly occur, but psychiatrists who take... (more)

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