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The Famine of Time

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 19, 2013

...otherwise spent doing necessary housework, doing paid work, caring for loved ones, reading a better book, or simply communing with our rapidly disappearing nature. With my article, I am robbing my reader of her time.

We live in an abundance of printed matter, available today in various media, but we are facing a famine of time. There are more things we have to do today in order to be counted, or so we believe: we need to hunt for work (the old 9-5 with a pension at the end of the rainbow has vanished); we also need to do the work of five due to the new mantra of “doing more with... (more)

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A Writer’s Repeating Themes

By Shane Joseph, published on Sep 23, 2013 fall into the following broad categories:

1)The Writing Life, its rewards and travails

2)Politics & Society, especially an exploration of the parts that do not work

3)Business Life, its necessity and its incompleteness


5)Social Media, its opportunities and pitfalls

6)Life Stages

So, that’s it really. One hundred and eighty articles circling around six themes. I could have written six large essays, one on each of the topics, and have had my say, packed my pen, and gone fishing. Instead, I circled around ... (more)

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Propaganda is not Useful Information

By DKIdea, published on Jun 18, 2013

...ANY source that still reports this erroneous condition as a current fact...and discern for yourself why the reporting entity would spread this particular piece of propaganda. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you’re no stranger to the fact that I’m leery (at best) of the media...and downright hostile in obvious (to the enlightened) cases of misdirection. Why...? Because tremendous harm is being done when untruths are presented and accepted as facts. Most Black youth today are believing this propaganda, and what is such a belief doing to them? Depriving them of hope... (more)

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Sleight of Mind

By DKIdea, published on Jun 18, 2013

Magicians often use sleight-of-hand to fool your eyes so they don’t see what is right in front of them. You miss how the trick is done, and are awed by what you’ve seen...because of what you missed. Unfortunately, this is an everyday occurrence in life, notably with the news media, both on television and in print. It’s awesome to watch, but also sad as so many are taken in by the parlor tricks.

Tuesday, July 17th (2012) edition of the Boston Herald is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Let me preface what I’m about to say by unequivocally stating that I am not a fan of the Governor... (more)

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A “Perk” By Any Other Name

By DKIdea, published on Jun 18, 2013

Haterism is alive and well...and being propagated by our media (big surprise). The news seems to be recently inundated with stories highlighting the “haves” only to stir the have-nots. It sure makes for great news (not really) except, everyone is a “have” in some way or another. The real crime here isn’t the media (ok...I’m stretching that), but the masses of news watchers that refuse to really think through the stories being presented. Fortunately...I’m not that type of watcher.

Let me start with a story by the Boston Herald dated February 15, 2013 entitled “Tale of 2 Cities!: Guess... (more)

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Hot Policy

By Rahul, published on Dec 11, 2012

The hot topic now in India is FDI in retailing, any other events or issues other than that are totally irrelevant in the eyes of our politicians and majority of the media. The UPA government is praising the FDI in retail as a holy angel that will fly down to India to save all its farmers and the poor. The corruption scams, Maoist insurgency, caste based violence, farmer suicides, outrageous increase in child malnutrition rate, savage increase in molestation cases especially towards under aged children, the rocket increase in commodity price, all these issues are totally out classed by this... (more)

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Lessons on Social Media From Two Guys on the Subway

By Shane Joseph, published on Dec 9, 2012

I overheard these two guys, Jim and Sam, talking on the subway.Jim: You’ve been on this social media kick for some time now. Is it working for you?Sam: Sure is, man. I’d be resenting talking to you right now if my iPad was getting a signal in this tunnel.Jim: I know, “Google it,” has killed asking a question and starting a conversation. The woman I last dated couldn’t keep her hands off her Blackberry. I finally got up and left midway during dinner and she didn’t even look up from her Facebook chat.Sam: That FB thing is a bit overrated, especially if you are trying to sell something. It’s like... (more)

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The Age of Opinion

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 15, 2012

...opinions due to a lack of education and a lack of access to channels or communication tools; some of us were censured for our opinions with punishments as harsh as jail or death; some of us preferred to keep our opinions to ourselves as it was culturally more acceptable.

Then social media dawned and made it all possible, and in some instances, mandatory; we had to have a public persona. Everyone had to know everything about us. “Just Google him!” became a standard. It was professional suicide if a person who actively pursued a profession that dealt with the public—like a... (more)

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Media Childrens the Social

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 4, 2012

She corrects her stance, moves past the monitor where she has coasted and coexisted since her arrival. She always finds the balance to appease the elements at theWorkstation. She makes her best attempt to adjust the interface, shooting with both eyes open and a purity of heart un-battered by behavior, unbuttered by lifestyle.

Her half-mind races to theNetwork as if she just might further a legend. She thinks about social organization and how it is now finally paying a toll. Yes, as it should--not in the spirit of sacrifice, but from a place of hunger, the kind of hunger needing no food... (more)

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Three Women Journalists Receive Courage In Journalism Awards

By TonyBerkman, published on Oct 29, 2011

The International Women's Media Foundation has honored 3 women journalists who risked their lives to cover the news in their homelands of Iran, Mexico and Thailand with the Courage in Journalism Awards. A fourth award, the Lifetime Achievement Award was given to the BBC's Kate Adie. Katie in her job has covered the news from Afghanistan, the Tiananmen Square protests, the war in Bosnia, has slept in graves, has been shot in the elbow and still has shrapnel in her foot [the Huffington Post.]

“We are proud to recognize these brave women, who endure the most incredible trials... (more)

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