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The Big Lie Nobody Challenges, and How to Have Eternal Life!

By Jedo Kingsman, published on Jan 12, 2014

We don't need to look far to find scandal, abuse, adultery, the use of pornography, lying, drunkenness and other types of reprehensible behavior among people that are supposed to be living good Christian lives. People that call themselves 'Christian' are many times the opposite of what one would consider a Christian to be (I include myself in this group, in times past). While there is an aspect of human frailty and weakness that we all will struggle with to some extent, there is a doctrine that has become a 'pillar' of the vast majority of Christian churches which is not Biblical and has led... (more)

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The Meaning

By The Truth, published on Oct 25, 2011

The hardest question to answer is, "What is the meaning of life?" Sure, we can answer it with some well-thought out answer that we read in a philosophical book, but what is the real answer? And how do we find it? Does the bible hold the answer? Does a crazed activist trying to get us to believe in the 2012 scare have the answer? Will we ever know the real answer?

Maybe that's the answer... maybe the ability to have so many different answers IS the answer..

People are a strange creature.. we have the ability to complain, to talk, to waste resources, TO THINK!

I know alot... (more)

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Procrastination Really is a Waste of Time

By ddmw, published on Mar 11, 2010

A Porsche; a mistress; a new gym membership; a holiday home in Spain; a move to the countryside; a new career, perhaps as a herbalist or a bee-keeper. What do each of these things have in common? They are each a potential knee-jerk reaction to a mid-life crisis. But what is a mid-life crisis, and why do we have them?

It is all too easy in modern life to “go with the flow” - to simply put up with whatever situation you find yourself in, irrespective of whether it suits you or whether it makes you happy. Few people are prepared to challenge themselves by moving to a new city or... (more)

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