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Mccain Is Not Bush

By D. E. Carson, published on Oct 6, 2008

Obama keeps hammering on the notion that electing McCain is like giving George W. Bush four more years. Obama couldn’t be more wrong. George W. Bush has been one of the worst presidents in terms of fiscal responsibility. There is no question about that. But to lay that at John McCain’s feet is just as irresponsible.

Obama is capitalizing on the current economic turmoil to bolster his standings in the polls. He has managed to elevate himself to the level of messiah promising that he is going to save America. But the truth is that whatever Obama offers in terms of up front salvation is... (more)

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Palin Holds Her Own in VP Debat But Doesn't Dominate

By D. E. Carson, published on Oct 3, 2008

...believe that given the chance, she would honestly get some house cleaning done in Washington.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure she’ll get that chance.

While Palin was good enough tonight to make up for the gaffs in the Couric and Gibson interviews, she wasn’t good enough to push McCain ahead.  In fact, preliminary reports popping up on the Internet already show no gain for McCain or Obama after tonight.  The lead Obama has been enjoying for the last few days was not augmented at all nor was McCain’s deficit eliminated.  After the debate tonight, the best either McCain or ... (more)

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Kathy Hilton Offended By Mccain

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 3, 2008


Now let me get this straight.  Kathy Hilton, the mother of Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton is offended by John McCain's use of her daughter's likeness in a campaign ad comparing her daughter and Brittney Spears to Barack Obama in terms of over-the-top popularity and outlandish public display.

Yet when the Paris Hilton sex tape made its way to the Internet, Kathy said nothing.  Yet when Paris was first picked up for DUI, Kathy said nothing.  Yet when Paris was again picked up for DUI, Kathy said nothing.  Yet when Paris was dragged off to jail by LA County Sheriff's deputies, Kathy... (more)

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POW Buddies Launch Campaign Against Mccain's Many Faces

By Aaron S., published on Feb 11, 2008

In yet another twist to the ever-changing political landscape of 2008, a group of two Vietnam veterans and pro-Huckabee supporters have banded together to form 'Vietnam Veterans against the Many Frightening Faces of John McCain,' or FJM for short, claiming that the leading Republican candidate's facial contortions will spark unwanted hostility from foreign nations, damage domestic goodwill, and scare the shit out of everyone.

Randy Zenker, 68 year old resident of Phoenix and fellow guest of the Hanoi Hilton (the POW camp which also housed McCain), leads the charge of the FJM against... (more)

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Your money not your thoughts

By Eddy E, published on Mar 4, 2007

...They are not interested in bloggers advancing their agendas. They are interested in more money. The rationale seems to be that the bottom-line of what will help a candidate achieve his or her goals is not more pundits on his or her side, but more money in his or her coffers. Take Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) as an example. Generally speaking, here is a man of integrity who has garnered support both from Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Sign-up to be a part of his campaign, and you are given web space on his domain. You would think that this would be a great way to both espouse... (more)

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