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12-21-12 Solstice

By baynurse, published on Dec 25, 2012

I awoke from sleep

to the clattering sound

of the wind and rain

snapping all around

I peeked out the window

at the world that was there

Just a rainy night

not worth a scare

no massive explosions

no huge burst of light

just the Winter's Solstice

the year's longest night.


Tags: end of the world, mayan, solstice, 12-21-12


By Philip F. Harris, published on Dec 13, 2011

...that the mystics are right. We live in an illusion of our own devices. So, is a way, by “Knowing thyself, you save yourself.” Many prophets have pointed to this time as one of extreme danger or one of extreme evolution and enlightenment. The likes of Nostradamus, DaVinci, the Hopi, Mayans and others always painted two pictures; disaster or revelation. They told us that the bridge ahead has been washed out and that we need to detour. Many do not believe that the bridge is damaged and are unwilling to put on the breaks and veer to the less traveled road. Many cultures... (more)

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