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Learn And Grow Through Video

By ThomasStocks, published on Jul 21, 2014

... desirable technique adopted by many businesses.

This means that while businesses can share their knowledge, other likeminded businesses can learn from this knowledge too. Webinars and live event streaming have become an accustomed way of interaction among many businesses, especially the marketing sector, and this looks to continue throughout 2014 and further afield.

There are noticeable advantages presented through video, most notably, being able to fit around current schedules, business and personal lives. Many of us already digest video media through film, short clips online... (more)

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ccGenie – Making your Email Work

By chrisezine, published on Apr 19, 2014

ccGenie is a new service that aims to take the hard work out of using your email. I've been using it for a couple of months now and I’ve benefitted enough to warrant this review.

What is ccGenie? ccGenie is a service that addresses the most common complaint about email – it’s hard work. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails on a morning like logging in to your inbox and finding dozens or even hundreds (if you’re really popular) of messages, attachments, spreadsheets and contacts. The guys behind ccGenie clearly realized this and created this tool to solve the problem.

Through... (more)

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Buy Twitter Followers for Marketing

By Carolyn, published on Mar 21, 2014

If you want to be sure that you are best able to promote yourself as a business and as an entity. You have to have a social media presence. When it comes to social media Twitter is king right now. It gives you the opportunity to send thoughts out to the public in 140 characters or less. If you want to make sure that you are able to develop a following on this social media platform, there are many practices that you can follow, but now, you even have the opportunity to buy twitter followers.

When you buy twitter followers, you'll get the chance to have people come to you and give you... (more)

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How To Choose The Right Marketing Agency For Your Business

By Susan Q, published on Feb 17, 2014

A successful business requires successful marketing because your business needs to stand out from the sea competitors to be successful. It is important, therefore to choose a Marketing agency that best suits your needs. With all the different marketing agencies out there, which one should you choose? Here is a simple guide on choosing a marketing agency that is right for you.

Identify and Establish Your Goals

This is step 1 and probably the most important step if you want to choose an agency that would work best for you. Find out what it is you want to achieve and how your marketing... (more)

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How Visual Presentation Will Boost Product Sales

By In Suzi's Words, published on Nov 2, 2013

If you are the owner of a small business or perhaps involved in a community group looking to fundraise, you may be overwhelmed at all the possibilities when it comes to properly marketing your item and making it appealing to the general public. How do you manage to be both cost efficient and attractive to the average consumer? This is a difficult question to answer, however it is far from impossible. The solution is found in a combination of outer appeal and a stand out product that speaks for itself in value.

The Importance of Packaging

Many people believe that having a quality... (more)

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Diversification in Online Marketing: Are You Protected?

By Andrewspenceonline, published on Aug 30, 2013

Diversification in Online Marketing: Are You Protected?

“Tens and thousands of businesses are in the dark after a new storm hit the Northeast.”

“The 9/11 demons continue to haunt thousands who have lost their homes, businesses and their jobs as a result of the attack.”

“Surprise drop in retail sales as snow hits stores.”

This article on diversification may seem different from the usual Internet marketing articles you get from me. But I assure you that it’s relevant to the subject and it’s important.

When unfortunate things happen and everything around crumbles,... (more)

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We Make Big Plans but get Sidetracked Along The Way!

By Andrewspenceonline, published on Aug 27, 2013


The best-laid schemes of mice and men go often awry.” – Robert Burns, 1785

An entrepreneur starts a business with specific plans after spending hours on end perfecting it, but ultimately diverts the attention to something else. A student resolves to spend time studying for a few hours every evening, only to end up watching the sports channel. A woman who is on a low-budget, decides to buy a small gift for someone, but ends up buying an atrociously expensive one only to regret it later. So what’s happening to these people?

... (more)

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Authority: the One Crucial Element of Internet Marketing

By Andrewspenceonline, published on Aug 24, 2013

Authority: the One Crucial Element of Internet Marketing

It’s a noun with the power to influence thought, opinion and behavior. It can be misused. But it can also build trust and respect.

When it comes to online marketing, it’s the crucial element that Google and other search engines give importance to. It’s the element that draws visitors to your site.

What are we talking about?


Everything in our lives revolves around authority. People trust you when they know you’re an authority in your field.

According to research, brain scans show that the... (more)

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Let's Talk About Links : A Fresh Approach to Link Building

By Andrewspenceonline, published on Aug 7, 2013

...the most conversations. Once you find the busiest post, you should start having a conversation and ask the webmasters if they would like you to write a guest post for them.

(This is also great to find out which posts your competitors are having success with. If you’re into content marketing, this is a beautiful way of finding out great topics that work.)


When adding a link to the guest post, the first thing that comes to mind is the author box. That has been done to death and people now suffer from author box blindness.

Instead... (more)

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Marketing: Retargeting, What Is it, How Does it Work?

By Andrewspenceonline, published on Jul 14, 2013 successful retargeting:


Choosing appropriate sites to advertise on can often be the biggest burden, if only because many websites do not show ads at all. For your advertisements to work, you need to incorporate the traditional marketing idea that repetition of impressions generates results. If your advertisements are not posted on enough websites to repetitively reach the customer, no impression is made. You can avoid this issue from the start by doing some research on the types of websites that your customer visits. How... (more)

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