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Mindfulness techniques with Manifesting WORKS

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 17, 2012

With the techniques Mindfulness and Manifesting we are tuning our body. You are putting your body first maybe for the first time in a long time. I found for myself Mindfulness was putting a positive spin on my life. I was extremely sick at the time, I would lay in bed and think of yellow. I would wash my body pushing all the toxins out of my body every time I shut my eyes. I was having medicine however the sickness was winning. I had to put my positive mind into helping the medicine worked.

I didn't know it was a mindfulness technique at the time. I looked at all the colours within... (more)

Tags: mediation, mindfulness, manifesting, it works, within your mind's eye, yellow

Manesting a killer to be brought to justice

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 8, 2012

... of the night. Something haunting. The voice that you could hear would only scream.

You would see the black plastic bags in the image coming in from through the back door. These black plastic bags would appear and disappear as the screams and the spirit gained strength.

Was it manifesting the power or the mind to saddle and harness the black magic for good to catch a killer that had ran lose for years.

The police, well a prostitute was bashed. Ordered by The Master. His friends were relishing in the behaviour to grab the hideout well, it would cost money. You... (more)

Tags: drugs, in the cross fire, heiress, manifesting, blow the top, murderer, unsolved crime, history repeats

Manifesting, Mindfulness learn how to get them

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 7, 2012

Manifesting and Mindfulness people don't actually utilise these two techniques together. How to talk to your subconscious mind. It works when you know how. Over the years many have tried to work out the techniques of the elite. How they could aim for a goal within their life and gain the control. People would be astonish that it could be done.

It's not brain science however it has puzzled man for years. How to set out to get what you want....

Over the years, when cars and electricity were being made. Many men wondered at what was being created. Why couldn't they do that.... (more)

Tags: achieving goals, mindfulness, manifesting, subconscious mind, harnessing the power, rewiring our minds, big jungle

Dreaming? Goal setting? Or manifesting?

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 30, 2012

...and life wasn't what it turned out to be.

Goal setting, visualising, manifesturing, with mindfullness is an important journey to be shared together. To go as a team and be strong. Don't opt out on the first speed bump in life. You will never achieve anything!!!!!

The art to Act and Grow Rich, is taking the first step with a hand.

My name is Jennifer Stone, Welcome to my world. Join my facebook page to learn the art of manifesting, mindfulness, how to set a goal and achieve a goal. Or join my personal facebook to see my stories coming to life. You be the Judge.


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