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From Kalimatundu To Hollywood; Dream Come True

By vundula, published on Mar 30, 2007 apartment building on the corner of Selma Avenue and Schrader Boulevard. I applied and was offered a two bed room town house apartment. Casa Verde, as the new housing complex was called, was an epitome of modern architecture: roomy, and homely, not like the match box projects of uptown Manhattan in New York City. This was Hollywood reinvented and I was happy to write home about my new Hollywood address. My experience proves that time heals and patience (peppered with miraculous coincidences) pays. The rural village boy from Kalimatundu in the heart of Africa had made it to the... (more)

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Oh Joy

By Christine M Biereth, published on Mar 22, 2007

... high life with movie primers and cocktail parties -and that was a slow week. A couple of months into her retirement her husband had died and after she had put him to rest- she did as well - or at least she tried to. Every day her breakfast consisted of gin- Bloody Marys which continued into a Manhattan lunch, Jamisons neet dinners and Campari/soda as her favorite goodnight cap. Joy was annoyingly talkative and since she was still drunk from the night before she usually became unbearable to listen to after the second Bloody Mary. But in-between being drunk and drunker she had some good... (more)

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"You say Potatoes, I say Kartofler"

By Christine M Biereth, published on Mar 16, 2007

...random and kept me laughing all the way up to the sixth floor. Being Danish and looking foreign, I myself am use to be stereotyped and I completely understand how the English language can be a beast to get to grips with . A couple of years ago when I was working at a restaurant in downtown Manhattan, I was doing the special board (I wasn’t doing the board I was writing the board- you know what I mean) and wrote; Today’s special: Mini sausages raped in Filo dough Nobody noticed the mistake until our Colombian accountant pointed it out AFTER the lunch rush was over. And when ... (more)

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Sweat and Meditate

By dfhnyc, published on Mar 9, 2007

Last summer, a friend invited me to accompany her to her yoga studio, Bikram Yoga NYC (, in Manhattan. I was a little skeptical since I had tried yoga in the past and never really got into it, but I went with an open mind. When we got there, we were greeted by a waft of very warm, stuffy air and the sweet smell of sweat. She had warned me about this, so I was not completely unprepared. This type of yoga, unlike others, is done in a room heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, though it can feel much hotter than that depending on the ambient weather and the number of people... (more)

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Parrilla: A little taste of Argentina in Washington Heights

By dfhnyc, published on Mar 9, 2007

...soaked in three types of milk: evaported, condensed, and whole milk. You may be too full to try any of these, in which case, the cafe con leche -- the Latin equivalent of a cafe au lait -- is a good choice. It's light and sweet and the perfect ending to a great meal. Parrilla might not be close to the more trendy parts of the city-- or even tourist-y ones, but it is well worth the trip. The atmosphere is unique and inviting, the music is lively, and most importantly, the food is delectable. Entrees (not lunch specials) average about $15, which for Manhattan, is still quite inexpensive. (more)

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N-word banned in NYC?

By Starbourne, published on Mar 1, 2007

You can get on the J train to Manhattan on any given Wednesday afternoon during those dreaded school hours and hear the n-word used over 100 times. Those kids are not in any way necessary trying to start a fight or a riot of some sort, they are merely having a conversation. The n-word has been the center of many of headlines in the past year. Micheal Richards (Kramer of "Seinfeld") was the cause of a profane racial tirade at an L.A comedy club. Nicolas Minucci repeatedly used the word while he beat black male Glenn Moore in Howard Beach. He was convicted of a hate crime and sentenced to 15 years... (more)

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye Beavers Have Returned to New York City!

By Lainie, published on Feb 25, 2007

... beaver expert from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. “We’re probably going to be seeing more beavers in the future.” Beavers held a prominent place in the city’s early days when fur traders were attracted to a burgeoning Manhattan. The beaver appears in the city’s seal to symbolize a Dutch trading company that factored in the city’s colonial beginnings. Amid heavy trappings however, beavers disappeared from the city in the early 1800s. The beaver that was found this week appears to be a male, several... (more)

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Shallow and Indecent? Bring it On!

By DarleneRH, published on Feb 1, 2007

I don't even (gasp!) like olives...and I have fat arms. There, I said it. Stop judging me, judgers! Moving right along...I still feel ultimately in awe of the hot young New York women who make "the scene" their nightly haunt. They stuff the teensy weensy pocket of their ripped-jean-minis with cab money, and make their way to the booming loud downtown bars. They arrive VIP-style, immediately planting their swooping mascara lashes at the bar next to a well-dressed and wealthy (or faking it) man who will buy them drinks and make small talk. Maybe even go home with them. Maybe they'll have... (more)

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The Urban Coyote: The true Hollywood story!

By E Jo, published on Jan 26, 2007

...of coyotes have occurred in the Hollywood area near the intersection of Fairfax and Hollywood Blvd. This is a pretty affluent area; then again it is not far from Runyon Canyon Park. It wouldn’t be too strange to see a coyote here, unlike “Hal” the curious coyote found in Manhattan’s Central Park in 2006. However, local residents are not very excited about these guests and secure themselves by locking their pets and children inside. According to NC Times, “Some people even go to the lengths of calling 911. However, the Los Angeles animal control officers ... (more)

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A love Letter to the City of Los Angeles

By Natasha VC, published on Oct 25, 2006

...boisterous and always present, you are the city that defined the 20th century. .(Las Vegas is now defining our new millennium. But don’t be jealous she’s always been your raucous kid sister. Just another one of your far flung suburb) Philadelphia embodied the spirit of 1776. Manhattan’s smoke stacks whose black plumes licked the New York skyline were the symbol of the industrial revolution and the Victorian values of the 19th century. Then there was you. You arose at the very moment when the country shifted away from the crusty Victorian ethos and into the new... (more)

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