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It Will Do You Well

By Dany Bachir, published on Oct 3, 2007

...My answer would be: “OK, let us move on.” I’m sure most of you are directly linking love to one of your old sad stories. Why! Why should you only think of it this way? Love can be related to many other things. You might love to spend Christmases in Paris. New Years in Manhattan. And Ramadans in Mecca. I love cinematography and I might suffer one day of not making it into its world. Javier Bardem in the film Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside, by Alejandro Amenabar) loved the idea of flying over the hills and toward the beach but suffered from never being able to do it.... (more)

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Welcome UN Delegates!

By Lainie, published on Sep 25, 2007

...allow us and several other pedestrians to cross the street. The reason? We had entered the dreaded “frozen zone” where President Bush and his Secret Service motorcade were about to drive by any second. So there we were: me, LC and my fellow New Yorkers stranded on a Manhattan sidewalk for ten minutes waiting for the leader of the free world to drive by so that we could finally cross the street. When he finally did drive by, he was gone in a flash and the moment became just a fond memory. (Gosh, come to think of it, we did all that waiting and he didn’t... (more)

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: The New King of Comedy?

By Venditto, published on Sep 24, 2007

...offensive yet gut wrenching hilarious live show I had ever seen. Today, however, (thanks to a kid I know who attends Columbia University) I was privy to a spectacle that the Diceman could only dream of. The treat began as I set foot on Colombia's campus (the only college campus in Manhattan with an actual "campus"), which is set up like a fenced in fortress. Today, almost all the twelve-foot high porticos were locked up. Today, secret service agents swarmed the grounds like head lice. For today, making his one and only New York appearance was that universally loved... (more)

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Ten Ways To Make Your Summer Last

By Venditto, published on Sep 17, 2007, if you will, as I reveal to you my top ten favorite places to enjoy the last gasps of summer. The Staten Island Ferry: For those of us who want to experience a sea faring voyage on a restrictive budget, there is the Staten Island Ferry, located (appropriately enough) at the ass end of Manhattan. The ferry is free and offers a round-trip excursion to and from the forgotten borough in just under an hour. Now, I'm not suggesting you actually visit the Isle of Staten, for with this experience the joy is in the journey, not the destination. Add in $2.50 Bud can tall boys and... (more)

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The Bourne Ultimatum: Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 7, 2007

...a really bloodthirsty assassin named Desh (Joey Ansah). Things go really bad in Tangier which forces Nicky to go into hiding and Bourne to go to New York where he has no choice but to get Pamela Landry to help him get information on the location of the secret Treadstone training facility in Manhattan. Because in that facility is a man named Dr. Albert Hirsch (Albert Finney) who has all the answers to all of Bourne’s questions. Now Bourne’s only problem is outwitting Vosun and his army of CIA agents. And even if Bourne can do that there’s still Paz to deal with. A... (more)

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Sunshine: Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Aug 15, 2007

...on the actual movie itself. It’s the year 2057 and The Earth has entered a new Ice Age (a pox on you global warming fanatics, say I!) and the nations of the world have pooled their remaining resources to build The Icarus II, a giant spaceship carrying a thermonuclear bomb the size of Manhattan. The idea is to drop it in the sun and re-ignite the sucker. Earth has already sent one spaceship: The Icarus I on the same mission seven years previously but they never accomplished it as all contact was lost. If Icarus II doesn’t succeed Earth has no more resources for an Icarus... (more)

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Sunshine - A Limited Release

By localhost8080, published on Jul 22, 2007

Manning the spaceship Icarus II, 8 crew members had to jump start a dying sun with a payload the size of Manhattan. The mission was simple, the crew well cast, and the opening sequence stunning in it's simplicity. With Sunshine's surefire tag line, “If the sun dies, so do we.”, the Armageddon/Deep Impact story base quickly veered off course to disaster. Why though, with typical sci-fi fanfare of a talking mainframe named Icarus and top heavy space suits, apparently gold plated straight from the Deep Star Six archives, was I left so empty? It wasn't for lack of trying by the more than competent... (more)

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Happy Feet Witnessed at the Long Beach Bayou Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jun 27, 2007

... Mayer Sing The Jingle, Be a Star contest for his version of the “Oscar Mayer Wiener Jingle”, and is the recipient of a special Gordon Parks Award for the Arts presented at a black-tie gala on June 18, 2007. The Gordon Parks Foundation Inaugural Fundraiser was held at Gotham Hall in Manhattan to honor people who have enriched our lives through their contributions to the arts. Guyland LeDay was in good company for this inaugural event joining HBO’s Sheila Nevins, Gloria Vanderbilt and Harvard’s Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Guyland was also featured on a HBO special called... (more)

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Whole Food: Cheese or yogurt?

By dfhnyc, published on Jun 27, 2007

...time of the Vikings. Although it looks like thick yogurt, skyr is actually a type of fresh cheese. Since it is made from skim milk that is cultured and then concentrated, it has no fat and is very high in protein. Basically, my new favorite breakfast meal. I went straight to Whole Foods in Manhattan the next day, and to my shock and dismay, they did not carry it. This was several months ago. Last week, I went back on the off chance that they were now carrying what the store in New Jersey had carried for months. This time I struck gold. Each container is $2.79, grant it a whole lot for... (more)

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Books about Models and Nannies

By Ivana Poulova, published on Jun 21, 2007

...I would like to end this article by mentioning one American book for a change. The Nanny Diaries by two former nannies Emma Mclaughlin and Nicola Kraus contains so much fun yet truth. Oh mu God! They refreshed the black nanny memories of mine. If you don’t believe them (or me), go to Manhattan and find yourself a nanny job in a rich family. My case was not that extreme but in the book the mommy is a typical beauty saloon and shop addict, daddy is a workoholic having an affair. Poor four-year-old Grayer obviously needs new parents, and Nanny is treated like she was somehow already... (more)

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