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Brand Loyalty vs. Customer Service

By Scorpion Sting, published on May 9, 2013

Over the years, that's over many many years for you young pups, I tend to buy the same name brand repeatedly when I find one that offers quality. Usually I am not too picky on price since I take care of my stuff and I usually get my money's worth. Y'all have read, here and before, that I have found brands that I'm loyal to as well as brands I steer away from for one reason or many reasons. Which is why I'm here today, I have been an Oakley fan since back in my days in the Air Force. I still have a pair of clear safety glasses as well as a pair of impact resistant racquetball safety glasses... (more)

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The Making Of A Hero

By Randy Mitchell, published on Nov 16, 2011

... back. Would they stand by your side and take a bullet with you because they couldn’t stand to see you go it alone? Would they give to you freely without any thought of payback? Would they lift you from the darkest bowls of depression, making you see the sunlight through the clouds? How about loyalty and all that entails, would you be their number one priority when the troubles in life reared their ugly heads? For me, this is what represents a hero.

Friendship is one thing. I have several people in my life who I can easily call friends. But, being a hero to someone takes it up to an ... (more)

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