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Ghost Too Cry

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 7, 2013

Today the silence is not same, in pitch dark of night; she steps out from her house and head towards the banyan tree at the outskirt of his village. The barren path and above the glowing sky, she walks alone in the middle of night, with that she, establishes an infallible trilogy of mysterious co-existence. To onlooker, it may appear, weird but who can be out at this hour of the night; only this woman, who is out there; piercing darkness for the reasons, known to her only. In silence, she contests the reasons of silence and that’s how every night, she walks alone, to be at that banyan tree.... (more)

Tags: love, life, night, fear, ghost, hope, silence

My Love You Are Gone

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 4, 2013

From where you took me, you left

Unrepentantly, you walked away

I wished my hope to rebel against, so as to hold you back

I gathered all my strength to say “Don’t leave my alone”

Your back, drew the big no and feet orchestrated the departure

“Oh! My love...Why? Why? Why you walked away”

With your back towards me, I ceased to exist

Come back my love...look back...Look at your man

Oh! I understood that now you won’t

You walked away with fanfare of arrogance

And I ,your man left alone on that sultry day

You drafted the... (more)

Tags: love, dreams, pain, lonliness, beloved, sorrows, parting

Conquer the Heart with the Surrender of One Kiss

By HomeRearedChef, published on Dec 19, 2012

An anonymous writer once said that “a kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving,” but I also believe that a first kiss can make or break a would-be relationship. And a picture does indeed say a thousand unspoken words; some of the best [now-famous] kisses in the last century have been captured on camera and on canvas:

Le Baiser de Hotel de Ville, Paris, by Robert Doesneau (1950)

V-J Day in Times Square, by Alfred Eisenstaedt (1945)

Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, in From Here to Eternity (1953)

The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt (1907)

... (more)

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Inside Your Heart

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 16, 2012

Take me to that hidden place in your heart

Deep within where sorrow lingers

The sun does not shine

Still in vastitude

Hope abides

Calling your name

Gently stroking your un-scared heart

Love keeping the embers burning

A pure flame gifted within....

In this clandestine abode

Where you retreat from

All worries, all troubles, all sadness

Let me lay bare myself

To open my soul to hold you

When the pain and weariness

Become too much

Let me transcend this and sit inside

This... (more)

Tags: love, life, faith, grace, hope, alone, comfort, lose, unfailing

The Shock of the Nativity Scene

By melanie jean juneau, published on Dec 12, 2012

...King of Kings and the Lord of Lords in her arms as a tiny, vulnerable infant.

We should be shocked at the extent of His humility when He came to live among as us a man, beginning His time on earth as a baby in a barn, surrounded by animals. Mary, as the mother of God, revealed a mother's love as she nursed and cared for Jesus. He was completely dependent on this girl to meet all of His needs. Actually He willingly placed His life in the hands of a thirteen to fifteen-year old kid. Perhaps Jesus's trust was based on the powerful love that God has placed in every mother's heart for... (more)

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Make My Dreams come True

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 6, 2012

Take me in your arms

The story of wait to be concluded

Unwritten notes of my thoughts, can you read

Who knows my longing better then you?

Onto the pages of story, words rejoicing with your thoughts

I am living in the corridors of our comforting dreams

Come now and fetch me the glittering happiness

Come and hold me to create our world

In the breathing space of my dreams, I live

I wonder if there is a dream without you

The dreams communicate and I pray they do

Come, take me in your arms and make my dreams come true.


Tags: love, dreams, life, story, beloved

Rising from the Ashes and Taking Second Chances

By HomeRearedChef, published on Dec 5, 2012

...credula postero,” seize the day, putting as little trust as possible in the future. And that’s just what many single moms are doing today, seizing the moment at hand. They are taking control of their own lives. Life, after all, is often a disambiguation.

The Reality: Life happens. Love is found. Marriage is made. Family is created. Dreams are crushed. And in many cases, when there just isn’t room for compromise, divorce is the ultimatum. Today, brave women are boldly girding themselves and moving to rise from still smoldering ashes and carving a new path for themselves and... (more)

Tags: marriage, family, love, divorce, second chances

Grandpa’s Note to Robby, December 11, 1996

By HomeRearedChef, published on Nov 29, 2012

... the thirty games I have played my average is 162 and my high game is the same as your 194. I pray you continue to improve and have great success in your bowling achievements. I pray also that you and the family have a great Christmas and New Year.

God Bless & Prosper the Family

Love Grampa

That my father took the time to write, to write anything, is a huge deal to us all. My father who had few passions in his life, a man of simple tastes, loved Christmas, Thanksgiving, classical music, watching football, and bowling. And when he learned that his grandson had taken up ... (more)

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By Rahul, published on Nov 29, 2012

She asked me 'what love is?' and I couldn't give an answer then. Love is the only word on which each person can give an interpretation of his own; there is no right or wrong about it because no one really knows what love is and what it means. Some hate it, some embrace it, some so blinded by it that they give their life for it. The word always leaves someone hurt, sometimes your family, sometimes your friends and sometimes yourself or the other, pity it’s so because I thought this words was meant to keep everyone happy. So I asked myself ‘what is love?’ I struggled to find an answer to it... (more)

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Break Of Dawn

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 13, 2012

The beauty of the break of dawn

Touches my heart today

Giving birth to a soulful peace

Thanking My God

The universe for this blessing...

My vision drawn to the splendor reflected

In heavenly purple and pink hazes

I embrace this day

All the earth, the sky

The wonders created and gifted to us ...

I softly whisper "I love you"

"Thank you"

As I listen the justification

Vibrates in my soul

"I love you too" ...


Tags: love, peace, grace, hope, dawn, birth, eternal

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