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Missing The Big Picture

By Annie44, published on Feb 28, 2013

It occurred to me in high school that some kids were already jockeying for positions in life—posturing themselves for a grand entry into a world they instinctively understood. I could only imagine these same individuals lulled by a Bach sonata in the womb…their parents calmly reciting Shakespeare during the crowning moment, and when those determined bundles of joy appeared, they were off to the races in the Nobel Prize fast lane.

I just didn’t understand the rush, particularly since during the teen years the mere task of arranging colored beads on my Campfire Girl vest presented a challenge.

... (more)

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Love Beyond Closeness

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Feb 19, 2013

How shall I look for you My Love?

You already reside inside of me

My heart beats and I feel yours

I breathe and inhale your sweetness...

With a thousand hands I search for you

I open mine eyes and see through yours

An infinite blending, merging of two souls

Love is our resurrection and purest gift...

I open my love window for you to enter

I ask the moon to shine it's splendor unending

Press your face against mine and breathe

Bring a mountain river to quench my thirst...

There is a closeness... (more)

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A Promise

By Rahul, published on Feb 16, 2013

Can’t get you the moon,

Nor do I promise the stars.

But a smile on your face

is all that I promise.

To be the reason for your smile,

that spark in your eyes,

that rhythm of your beat,

is all that I promise.

Start over each day,

love you in a million way,

walk with you all the way,

is all that I promise.


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Valentine's Day Love

By Randy Mitchell, published on Feb 13, 2013

...a period of needed sexual bliss, an occasion where hearts communicate a little bit deeper, and even moments when personalities come together for the very first time.

In the fifty years I’ve been alive, I’ve experienced, desired, wanted, expressed, shared, rejected, and written about love. I’ve wanted to be loved by the wrong people, later realizing God had given me the greatest gift by not letting it happen. Some have wanted my love, only to have me say “no” because I knew they weren’t a good match for my personality, and didn’t give me that certain weak-in-the-knees... (more)

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It is Ash Wednesday: Do You Love Lent?

By melanie jean juneau, published on Feb 13, 2013

Thoughts to Ponder for 40 days during the Lenten Season

I choose to surrender the clutter in my life, heart, spirit so that Jesus will set me free from stuff and fill me with His Loving Presence

May the things of this world fall away so I may fall in love with God.

God only comes to fill the empty places.

Grace does what I cannot do.

Jesus will have to do everything.

This is true humility

Pride entices me to work harder, pray more, fast religiously and perform heroic acts of virtue. Humility accepts that only God can save me and other people.... (more)

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Like few THREADS.

By Rahul, published on Jan 26, 2013

Now when I think about how I was when I reached twenty, all my life behind was only a vague picture to me then. It was like numerous threads stretched parallel not touching each other leaving gaps which I couldn't connect. I kept on trying, looking back again and again but nothing was clear to me. There were times when I could spot the threads that carried the precious moments of happiness and the ones which carried the saddest moments but when I try to think about them my face got sad and it felt like they were just threads laid apart so apart from my life.

I was hopeless and totally... (more)

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My portrait is tattooed on my daughter’s arm!

By HomeRearedChef, published on Jan 21, 2013 arm has added my portrait, of when I was about twenty-one years of age, to her collection. Sigh!

Am I flattered that I am now part of her proud collection, you may ask. Well, without doubt yes…and…no. I appreciate the artwork, who wouldn’t? And I most certainly appreciate the love and sentiment that inspired such a place of honor. But since my daughter and I have a small history, of disagreements (normal everyday mother and daughter issues, of course), I began to have nightmares from the first time she proudly showed it to me, beaming! I was literally speechless, at first ... (more)

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A Million TIMES

By Rahul, published on Jan 17, 2013

I'd talked to you a million times, and I knew you inside out. Yet when I came near you, Words betrayed me,My heart missed a beat and time slowed down; Never in those million times had this happened, thought my search was over.

Late I was as always, but my heart was content; for I found my voice amidst those mumbled words. ‘Special you are’ the one I talked to a million time. And still she asks,... (more)

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The Queen, Part 12

By D. Sager, published on Jan 13, 2013

...through his one-eyed mirror. He took his job very serious, and I did as well, knowing that these paths took me through dire straights of exploit and malice. His eyes were cold, like looking down a deep sinkhole, the kind that scared me as a kid but provoked me to explore their dark depths. I loved and hated the feeling of danger. I wanted to both challenge any intimidation of my world, and run like a scared rabbit. With her looking out the window, soft hair flowing over her shoulder, she held my arm with a vigorous grip, like a bear holding its prey. My emerging knighthood beckoned me to ... (more)

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My Home

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jan 10, 2013


There is no longing

For things and paraphernalia

It lives in simplicity...

The walls are painted in empathy

The floors are blessed with understanding

The kitchen feeds the soul's knowledge

Put down your burdens

Rest in the sublime freedom of love...

Sharing my home

I laugh, I cry, I sing, I dance

Quietly lost in mediation

Embracing the best

Truth of my existence...

My home is created

With humanity

Bestowed grace undeserved

The core of my heart

Placed lovingly... (more)

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