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What is Love?

By Seema Upadhyay, published on Nov 4, 2007

Love is something that people often use in their language to communicate their emotions. Ever wondered what is love? For some it is synonymous to feel affectionate, sacrifice, sharing, giving, caring, for being there for someone you love, but what is love? Sacrifice in itself is an emotion, so is care. when I asked people to explain to answer the question "what is love?", I received the following bizarre answers;

According to Rupali- Public Relations Manager, "love is a feeling which gives butterflies in your stomach when you think about the person whom you love, she has been in and... (more)

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Learn How to Reconnect in the Game of Life

By Jaci Rae, published on Mar 7, 2007

What started as a fun pastime has turned into a modern day obsession unlike any other. It seems that the more connected we are, the more disconnected we become. Because of the obsession, people have become more overweight and relationships of every kind have disintegrated under the spell of computer games and chat rooms. In addition, people of all ages are developing at a staggering rate: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Computer Vision Syndrome Back problems Financial problems Circulation problems And more No longer are real communities connected. Instead, people chose to connect to online communities... (more)

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Turning a Date into a Mate Part II

By Jaci Rae, published on Dec 10, 2006

...of a great relationship until you are great yourself. A simple step that may seem silly, but is highly effective is to step in front of your mirror and repeat several times a day the following (even if you are a man do this. No one will be watching you but you): "You are gorgeous darling! I love me so much!" (Throw your arms around yourself.) "I am worthy of the best!" and other affirming statements. Remember that all statements are statements of self-disclosure. You will automatically attract what you believe about yourself both consciously and unconsciously. Did you know that... (more)

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How to Celebrate Your Life Back into Love in Minutes

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 22, 2006

...on Times Square, the lid blows open to a new era of the relationship. Suddenly you stop celebrating, take a step back, and say, "Hey! That really irritates me about you!" Soon we begin to focus more on the negative qualities and forget about all the wonderful characteristics that made us love this person. Forgiveness and moving on becomes a thing of the past. The more we focus on the negative, the less we remember the positive and an ugly cycle begins. The stage is set for the downfall and complete demise of the relationship. Suddenly it is all about what the other person did or... (more)

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Instant Gratification Nation

By Stephanie Michele, published on Oct 29, 2006

...list of side effects associated with taking a prescription drug, it makes you realize there is a certain amount of risk involved in just about everything we do. If risk is unavoidable, why are we in such a hurry to find someone, figure them out and then determine if they are "the one" or not? Love and relationships are not pre-packaged material items we can buy to serve our immediate needs and wants. Treating them as such is like only allowing yourself to see an unfinished painting or hearing the first note of your favorite song, to get the most out of them you have to be patient and see... (more)

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Love - Many a splendid thing, in more ways than one

By Alethea, published on Oct 12, 2006

The word is used for minor things such as "I love this song!" or the more serious "I love you" in a romance. You can feel it for your mom, your cat, your brother and your girlfriend, but does that mean it's all the same thing? Does time affect it? Can there really be love at first sight or can you not know real love until you've been together for 80 years. Love is a tricky concept indeed. Love is even more complicated when relationship scientists try to define it and dissect what it means to be in love. Older views include attachment theories (love is based on the relationship you've had... (more)

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She Must Live in a Bubble

By Shari G, published on Jul 16, 2018

“How can you possibly be so happy all the time?” “You must be in denial.” “Do you live in a bubble?”

These are statements and questions I’ve heard most of my life. When did our society decide that being positive is unrealistic or one must be living in a bubble or living in denial? Why is it that we’ve accepted negativity as a realistic way of living? Perhaps some think it’s easier to expect the worst so they aren’t let down. Let me tell you something, though, about expecting the worst; you’re always going to find it. Even when beautiful things might be right in front of you, you... (more)

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I Am the Only Girl in the World

By taking off the mask, published on Jul 16, 2018


I am the girl that matters

the one he wants to come home to at night

the one he works long hours for

so when he goes I won't be broke

not even close

He is trying to make it be that my dreams come true

that everything I want he can give me

and the love and attention I deserve

the help I need

and the support I want

I am the only girl in his world

when I'm in between his two strong arms

when he kisses my forehead

and whispers in my ear

I remember that I am

the only girl in the world


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By SZU, published on Jul 16, 2018

...feelings we shared;

same emotions we showed...

you tried to hide and I always hid,

but ne'er did we succeed a single bit...

the clock would strike nine...the clock would tick three

...but each others company we'd enjoy in glee

we would talk about this and things everywhere..

but never would we say what we pined to hear,

we were weak for very long...

but our silence turned this love into something so strong,

the 'wants' that we had..are now great desires...

Let's together admit today...each other we admire...


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