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Just the Beginning (part 4)

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 3, 2010

...I check my phone. Josh called, so I call him back. As his voice appears my scorn disappears. His voice makes me remember why I held on, why I still hear a song in my heart. Why I pulled out the painful dart from my heart. And why I start to smile when I go to school. You can call me a fool but love is to die for and I intend to do just that. Josh may not be the one but he is worth the run. As we talk I giggle and blush as I feel my blood rush. I tell my stomach to hush as it begs for food; I push my hand against it to muffle its pleas. As I hang up the phone I go on my knees begging G-d... (more)

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Just the Beginning (part 3)

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 1, 2010

... my light will make them also shine bright. What they don’t know is my light burned out, all I can do now is sit and figure out. I just want to shout, just want to pout, just want to curl up and die, and say goodbye to my screwed up life. Ugh how much I wish a had a knife in my hand, as I would love to walk on painted red sand. I hop onto a log, almost as if I were a frog. I balance on it making sure not to fall even though it is far from tall. I pretend it were a wall as a stand so tall; walking my arms spread wide wishing I could fly. A bush shakes; I fear it may be a bear. Even worse... (more)

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my Immortal Love

By SZU, published on Jul 29, 2010

...are dead…

How’d they know…you’ve lived in me,

Since the day we met

Please hold me once more,

Cuz you can for sure!

Please sway with me,

Please hear my plea!

Please kiss me… this last time

… Just to remind me that you are mine

Please touch me like you used to

And hug me like you are supposed to…

Connect with me in this dark…

To help reignite that spark…

…I know it’s not easy

I know its quite tough

But I’ll help you stay alive forever,

My Immortal love


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Raging thoughts

By SZU, published on Jul 23, 2010

When storms have raged and passed awayCan gentle calm succeed?I sleep to ease a troubled mindSleep is the friend, I need…With these few words I speak my mindYou in this a quest will findMy quest is clear…seek it outLove is a tyrant…when in doubtI got an instant inspiration; and i wrote down the following words in response:This storm is here for eternity,NO trace of calmness can I see…No sleep, no rest can soothe my mindNo friend can bring me glee…This unending quest kills me everyday,I can’t reach where I want to be…This doubt can be tyrant I know,Still this love shall be a part of me…We appreciated... (more)

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Her Diary

By SZU, published on Jul 23, 2010

...for a place where all I can see, hear and feel is me, me and just me…I wonder what to call it- is it an extreme obsession with myself? Maybe. My earliest memories remind me of my passionate will of pampering my mind, body and soul. Count me among those crazy individuals who when told ‘ I love you’ return the words by saying ‘ I love me too’…I like that feel of being alone because it helps me attend myself with the kind of attention that would be absent in the presence of others around me.Or maybe, my ascending love for solitude is because of my ever-increasing realization... (more)

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Stop, Please Stop

By taking off the mask, published on Jul 19, 2010


please stop

telling me you love me

how much you care

how I'm the best thing that happened to you

in all your years


please stop

telling me how you want to hug and kiss me

how you are always going to be there for me

how nothing can change your mind


please stop

telling me about your unconditional love towards me

how you want to protect me from everyone around me

how you plan to take care of me


please stop

telling me how special I am

how much potential... (more)

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Evolution: Nonbinding Ties

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jun 15, 2010

...level of polyamory to enter the scene.And so it was: polyamory. In looking for a good definition, I found this, "The core concept of polyamory is being involved in or open to multiple loving relationships, in a context of honesty and negotiation. The word roots are poly = multiple, and amor = love." What I think is essential here is a renegotiation of sex, connection and love.For me, it was the books, "The Ethical Slut," and "All About Love," both of which I've talked about before, which really helped me clarify my perspective on relationships. When I say that sex, connection, and love... (more)

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By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Jun 9, 2010

...neighbors yardsilence.I met the gentleman,waiting therehis shadowdarkbehind an illusion of afront porch light

alluring.But I invited himin for perhapsa coffee or nightcap,

; I must sayI catered to him and wenursed chipped mugs collectedsince I was young, back when I firstfell in love. I know that now, I had

reallyand no bad endingcan change that.

he took off his hat,shuffled his hairhis eyes dullmy kitchen bright,hung it by the side of his elbow, hide his face lowdarkening thoseDistinguishing characteristics. His voice was softHusky and he commented that

... (more)

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Acceptance of impermanence

By baynurse, published on Jun 2, 2010

Curse you butterfly! You fiend, You monster.

Curse Your beauty, colorful, vibrant, splendid,

Blasted beast, horrid angel

Damn gorgeousness

Your afflicting, fluttering, fanciful, flame.

Your life Span so short

why, why is this beauty so limited

how you captivated my eyes, my heart, my soul,

then died so soon,

leaving me lost, despaired and deflated.

I have to choose between enjoying and appreciating every miniscule moment of a time in your radiance and joy

or refusing it all for the safety of my joyless heart that feels... (more)

Tags: love, loss, btterflies, impermanence, joy, greif

Feeling Found

By Billie Beldyga, published on May 22, 2010

...preparing to get married and as the big day arrived and she walked down the aisle with J.J. escorting her and Michael singing the wedding song, I was instantly drawn to how her eyes were glued to her soon-to-be husband and his to hers. I sensed their mutual anticipation of a future filled with love, laughter and making short, building a life together as one. Watching that episode, I remember thinking for the first time, one day that's going to be me. I'm going to be a woman and somebody will love me like that. And, I couldn't wait. Fast forward to the present. I'm still... (more)

Tags: marriage, love, spouse abuse

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