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Design Your Own Relationship

By Amanda J Evans, published on Aug 30, 2010

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like and when it comes to relationships there is no better law to use. If you want to attract love into your life then one thing is for sure, you need to be 100% sure about exactly what you want. What type of man or woman do you want to attract? What qualities should they have? What type of a relationship do you want?The key to getting this right and making this law work for you is to believe. You also have to make sure that you don’t focus on attracting anyone in particular. You have to remember that we all have what is called free will... (more)

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What's Good For Me ...

By Theresa H Hall, published on Aug 30, 2010 two-cent cartons of milk. (1 cup portions.) Each day, it would be the same lunch. Mostly we were so hungry we were glad for them. Then we would go outside and play in the courtyard.

One day, we were told by Mother Superior that all students would be provided free hot lunches. Wow! I love food and now I was going to have school lunch cuisine. I couldn't wait. For the most part the lunches were quite delicious (what does a six year old know?), and there was a silence comprised of mutual chewing and appreciative stomachs. Those were much simpler times and kids knew how to... (more)

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The Zebra and The Lion - Embracing the capture

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 26, 2010

...crazy” I told him.

Annoyed, he answered, "no matter who you marry, how many kids you have, how far you move, we will end up together."

I felt like a young girl. My future chosen.

Did his "cunning mind" create this so that I would have little chance to fully love anyone "other than him?"

Was this my destiny? A caged prey?

Am I meant to be with him; living "this dream?"

I felt sick, yet excited. I love him.

I believed his every word.

I leaned over and kissed him.

“You belong to me” he repeated, once... (more)

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This crazy thing called love

By Graeme van, published on Aug 26, 2010

...In nature this law of attraction gives way to symbiotic and parasitic relationships. The same can be applied to human relationships, it’s either give and take or take and take. Men and women are fundamentally different in many aspects. So how do we find the perfect partner? How do we fall in love and have one mate for life like the Emperor Penguin? There have been thousands of books written on the subject and everyone seems to have an opinion on this sometimes baffling topic. Why can’t we all be like our grandparents, married for 50 years and still going strong? Why does it seem that... (more)

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A Woman's Love: Boy v Man

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 23, 2010

...of all why was he being so harsh with me?

I just sat in the passanger seat of his van feeling tense and angry. I wanted to spend time with him but every conversation we had seemed to dwell on my relationship.

I can understand though, I mean, I'd be upset too. He'd invested time, love and money on me. We loved each other and more than just friends. We had plans and I threw it all away with a single phone call, saying I was now in a relationship with a boy.

I had no choice though. Really, I didn't. I don't even like being in relationships. I like being single, being... (more)

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America's Most Compassionate City

By Paul Wylie, published on Aug 23, 2010

... chip in items every week, and it gets taken to the Food Net sites, where those in need go around in an orderly fashion and pick out the items they can use. They may go to any Food Net site on the days they are distributing, with no limit to how many times they may use this service, again, (and I love pointing this out) unlike the national charities.

On top of this, due to the state of Nebraska's own recognition that it wasn't doing enough to help those in need, their programs designed to help the disabled have so vastly improved over the last ten years, that they are being copied by... (more)

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You Made Me Feel So Nice

By Theresa H Hall, published on Aug 21, 2010

...hello. What an easy way to touch another without physical contact. That's powerful.

We can do something to improve someone's day. Just think, yours might be the friendliest voice or smile they hear or see all day long. We as a society have removed ourselves from the congenial role of love, and replaced it with bored cynicism, hate and intolerance. The way we treat others reflects how we feel about ourselves. It is something we can change right now. Decide to find the same joy as the woman in the photograph. See how much of your power you can share with the world and choose to... (more)

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YES but NO

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 17, 2010























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Just the Beginning (part 5)

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 6, 2010

... in the eyes, kissed me once more. Then rolled me to the floor. His body pressed against mine. Pushing on my little bones, I like the press I like having little breath; I want to hold him till my death.

This may seem a little much but I haven’t had something to live for, so the chance at love is worth dying for. He kisses my neck, I happily let. As the sun begins to slowly set, we hurry through the bushes again, a branch cuts Josh, and he looks at the blood and seems shocked. “Oh shit” he curses and I just watch as the blood drips down his arm. He seemed annoyed, making me feel... (more)

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Ramzan's near

By SZU, published on Aug 4, 2010 fast from dawn till dusk (i.e.) refrain from eating, drinking and getting involved in any activity that might not be considered appreciatable by everyone. This is to show that we are surrendering to God and will follow all His Commands.

How is it celebrated in Pakistan? With pure love, respect and happiness.

Everyone gets up early in the morning for 'Sehri' (breakfast before dawn), our expert moms cook the best of food or we go out with friends (and/or) family to cafes, hotels and restaurants to eat. We can not eat/drink as soon as we hear the 'Azaan' (the call for... (more)

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