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Friendship is Endurance

By Frank - icare2be, published on Oct 23, 2010

... jewels.They are not commonly found.

Between friends days, weeks, months, even yearsDo not affect the bond.A mile or 1,000 miles distance separating us Does not separate our souls.The treasure is the sharing of the moment. It matters not the "when" nor the "where."When the passion of young love burns off With the passage of time.

Friendship is the beginning of love. It is the underpinnings of a committed marriage,Or relationship between two people. Friendship provides the defense Against attacks from others and events. Friendship carries through the ages ofYouth, middle years,... (more)

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Jewels Hold No Value For Me

By BusinessLife, published on Oct 23, 2010

Somewhere in my heart, lies a wounded child. She cries at night, alone, and sinks into the shadows of my soul. She sings a tragic melody of love, untouched and life un-lived. She is the bittersweet truth that haunts my shattered past and draws upon the blood of my survival.

Won't you walk with me awhile and share the sustenance of compassion? I have traveled from far away just for a breath of kindness to toss my windblown hair from my solemn and scarred, stone face. There is love to be found. I am more than what is seen, though still a lost soul, looking for your guidance to even fathom... (more)

Tags: love, relationships, pain, sorrow, creative writing, hurt, gillean smith, life lessons, angst, gemstones, jewels, unloved

Book Review: Hammon Falls by Dave Hoing and Roger Hileman

By Wrp68, published on Oct 7, 2010

Love, loss, tragedy, betrayal, the horrors of war and much more you will find in Hammon Falls, an epic American saga spanning over 115 years from the 1890’s to the present day.Roger Hileman wrote a screenplay based on his ancestors, Lester Hileman and Cora Felton and the birth of their child. Roger, together with long time friend, Dave Hoing, has turned the play into an impressive and memorable work of historical fiction. We meet Margaret Hammon, widowed when her husband, G.W. Hammon, was killed in the Spanish-American war in 1898. G.W. was the most prominent citizen in Johnson’s Landing, a... (more)

Tags: love, historical fiction, loss, betrayal, hammon falls, tragedy, world war 1, dave hoing, roger hileman

Let's Play By New Rules

By Lady D, published on Oct 6, 2010

I am fine in this wacky world. Trying to look at life differently. Realizing we don't have to play the game these people have created for us.

We need to start a new game with new and better rules that include all the people.

We made all this up anyway so we can change it.

No longer choose to live in hate and fear. If "They" really want a New World Order lest give it to them.

The basic rule is "Do what thou wilt but harm none" or "Do unto others and you would have them do unto you." This rule is not hard to find it is somewhere in every religion or philosophy. And... (more)

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By dy_eve, published on Oct 6, 2010

What if the whole moment would be true?

What if he is the strong voice that breaks her minds perimeter?

What if she doesn't want to keep yes and no chained, because she has a clean and pure conscience?

What if she had forgotten her complete form till the suburbs,at least for a moment?

What if he wud be there , to drag everything out of her , to outline her better?

What if she would remain disconnected of mind , leaving it permanently as a past witness.

What if he has sneaked like a hearth-thief , because she can't harm her?

What if she would... (more)

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Do it now

By SZU, published on Sep 28, 2010


Do it now

Injure my feelings?

Do it now

Make me jealous?

Do it now.

Ridicule my concern?

Do it now.

Turn your back on me?

Do it now.

Take me for granted?

Do it now.

If you want... then hurt me deep

Try and put me to an eternal sleep

It’s a race with time, so do it fast

And make sure, for good it lasts

I know you’ve given your heart away

I know it’s nomore my game to play

I know you don’t love me but try and feign

Cuz there will never be …a me again


Tags: love, death, life, hate, hurt


By SZU, published on Sep 25, 2010

Tell me, my love

What should I write for you?

Do you wish for my words

To turn into a cupid

And hit you so hard in your heart

To evoke all the passion you once had

Which got kidnapped by the time

And I had no ransom to pay

So I lost you

And you lost me

But I am sure this wind around me

Is touching me after it has brushed you

I am sure your arms

Are just as lonely as mine

For they have hugged none for long

I am sure you long

For my heat

Just as I long for yours

because... (more)

Tags: mind, love, heart, passion, delusion

The Heart

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 23, 2010

Where is my heart today?

My heart is with you.

How can I find love today?

My love is with you.

Why can’t there be arms wanting to hold me close?

I love you so dearly, you have no idea.

Finding love through a man seems short-term and lackluster.

Love isn’t just physical. It’s emotional and enduring through the laughter and tears.

Where is there love today? Where shall I search?

I created you myself and will be here waiting for you to realize that My love is yours to receive in an endless supply.


Tags: love, gillean smith, what is love, wanting love, giving love, offering love, love's true form, hearts and love

It's gone, what never existed.

By SZU, published on Sep 22, 2010

You are trying hard nowWhen it's no useWhere were you...When I was bruised?I lived each moment..thinking you will show upI smiled and cried..thinking,together we will end up,your insensitivity...burnt all the fire I had in me,the love that I had for you, I struggle to find within me.All that's left ...for youIs a regret, trueI wish,I should've ne'er met meI should've ne'er let you..CrazyHad I really gone?IndeedNowonder you left me alone...But I'd say I have no complainI made a bad I deserve this pain


Tags: love, pain, regret, hurt

Hedonistical Hugs

By l0oree, published on Sep 5, 2010

A whole lot of pleasure brings a whole lot of pain if pleasure is the only thing you have ever had. Plus choosing unhealthy pleasure can lead to bad health. Growing up emotionally apart from love, I never received hugs ever from my mom. Never an encouraging thought out of her mouth. The most encouraging thing I can remember is "mommies sorry I found my scissors" spoken after she had given me the beat down with a military belt over accusing me of using her scissors. I was 16 years old when this happened. What in the world would I possibly want with her scissors?

By that time, I wanted... (more)

Tags: love, child abuse, hugs, hedonistic, habits

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