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Baby Steps To Dating Success

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 29, 2011

...a lot of singles seem okay with the fact that it's most likely the wrong someone. With a few baby steps though, it can be an even greater success that ends in finding at the very least someone you can be good friends with and have a lasting relationship and quite possibly someone to be in love with.

Step 1 - Look for someone who can fulfill your needs and not your wants. Yes, you might want a successful, athletic, hottie but what you need is something else entirely. What is that you need your partner to fulfill in you and in your life? Is your ultimate goal marriage? Is... (more)

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By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 24, 2011

I'm sure we've all met them, the people who seem one way in public but in private they are something else. The ones who keep the real of who they are hidden away. I'm also sure we've all met some who are so good at being this other person that we never know what is the truth of who they are. Some do it for self-protection, others do it just to mess with people, and still others do it without even knowing it because it's all they know how to be. In reality though, are we not all hiding something of ourselves from at least some of the people we know or meet? It's all a matter of degrees really... (more)

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Lip Service

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 24, 2011

...forward to sex or not.

Kissing produces chemical reactions in the body including dopamine and serotonin. Both of these chemicals produce intense feelings akin to a drug induced high and also feelings much the same as those of obsessive-compulsives. Kissing produces much the same chemical reaction in the body as does falling in love. For some women, the act of kissing can so mimic that of falling in love that they want that almost as if craving a drug. Men for the most part are all about the moving on.

A kiss is just a kiss doesn't seem so likely anymore, now does it?


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The Angel Inside Us All

By Paul Wylie, published on Jan 17, 2011

...all seems to be little more than doom and gloom, we make our way home. Grumbling and angry, the only thought is a tall stiff drink, and some dinner, then bed. That is until the voice of the littlest angel of all wafts up to you through the filth that the world has thrown at you today saying "I love you Mommy/Daddy", and everything you just felt melts into nothing, and your heart breaks open with love. You scoop this angel into your arms and thank whatever God you believe in for the goodness in your life and for sending you an angel in your true time of need.

There are many many... (more)

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Love On The Brain

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 15, 2011

In a new study published by the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience that involved 17 study participants who were part of couples married on average 21 years who claimed to be just as in love, just as passionate about their partner as when they first fell in love, might not just be saying it. Their brain scans show that it is true and that this kind of love can last and not become companionate love over time.

The study had the participants gaze at photos of their spouses, whom they had been married to for 10 years or more, and while doing so an MRI of their brain was... (more)

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By SZU, published on Jan 4, 2011

It's an year to my dead love,

I want to celebrate.

Should I pick a bunch of roses,

and visit my love's grave?

A grave that's in the air

and not beneath the earth...

A grave that kept building...

Soon after my love took birth,

Or should I exhibit

the wounds that are weaved inside

to show the pain that ne'er weakened

to show the agony that ne'er died?

Or maybe the agony perished

And the pain just went away

And maybe I am just catatonic

who's stuck in her gone days...


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Love Is

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 22, 2010

Back in the 80s, the phrase Love Is…Never Having To Say You're Sorry, was very popular. It was everywhere. In my opinion, that's a bit naive, as saying you're sorry just kind of comes with the territory of relationships at one point or another. To me love is many things and here I share just a few. Some may be things that mean love to you, some may not. What love is, is different to everyone - and yet somehow the same.

Love is - someone who will take time out of their busy day to call you just to tell you a joke.

Love is - someone who goes to the grocery and comes back with... (more)

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Love Is Funny

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 14, 2010

... know that my closest and best relationships are with those who can make me laugh, make me smile. Those who can touch my heart with humor. I know that no matter how I might feel at any given time that these people can just turn it upside down with a few words or a look and I feel better. And I love them for it. A little laughter goes a long way. In fact it can go as far as your lifetime with someone who can truly make you laugh to your heart.

In a relationship, a sense of humor can be one of the main ingredients to longevity. Not only the length of the relationship, but quite... (more)

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I Believe

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 9, 2010

...the season through the heart of a child. As they grow older, they start to believe less and less and one day they realize they don't believe at all anymore. But the magic of Christmas isn't reserved only for children. All it takes is a little belief.

The magic of Christmas is actually love. The love shared between people of all backgrounds and religions. The love of mankind one for another. This can be shown in so many ways, not just presents. Helping someone shovel their snow. Making someone cookies just because. Sending a heartfelt card to friends and family who live far... (more)

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Family Hmmm mmm

By Frank - icare2be, published on Dec 1, 2010

Just the word brings forth emotions,Memories and hopes for the future.

It is within family where life isExperienced most intensely.

Within this grouping you will Have contact with for the rest of you days.

Acceptance, forgiveness. love, All feelings are felt intensely.

Common history breeds familiarity.

They know you - You know them.Not the image butThe real you beneath.

Under the cloak of the family.There all good and bad Is remembered and shared.

With a bit of humorAgain and Again..Hmm....mmmmFamily

Just a peek underneath the covers... (more)

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