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Way Back Home

By Warlie Zambales Diaz, published on Feb 6, 2012

... for mother’s song.

That grief within his heart will sojourn so long.

Yesterday’s laughter, he can recall merely.

For tomorrow he will face life solely,

In search of the lost home, where he belong,

Waiting for someone to lift him up along,

To feel the love he desire and smile truly.

What people see in him is a mask of mirth,

As after everyone leaves, fadeth to sorrow,

Disguising a lost soul against the cold.

And those lamping eyes hold pains since birth,

Of scorn and denial, truths’ overthrow,

Hoping... (more)

Tags: poem, family, love, truth, home, homeless, despair, sadness, going home, veracity


By Warlie Zambales Diaz, published on Feb 4, 2012


for restless nights of agony.


of demise dominates the atmosphere.


overflow in the inauspicious gulf.


departs in darkness.


ascends to the heaven for eternal rest.


for the love left beyond time.


of church bells ringing.


the farewell of a shattered heart.


for restless nights of agony.


of demise dominates the atmosphere.


overflow in the... (more)

Tags: love, death, darkness, eternity, requiem, heartbroken, eternal rest, neverending love, lamentations

Hold On To Our Courage

By Betty B., published on Feb 1, 2012

Hold on to our courage Be strong and true Christ be in you.

Hold on to our courage forever we are free to go into this world untamed as it is.

Set them free Oh Lord, Hold on to our courage never more to fear

Hold on to our courage Christ is near.

Were going Home,never more to rome.

Hold on to our courage Let Him Lead,You can win only in Him.

Written by:©Betty Bolden 6-30-03


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The Phenomenon of Creativity

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jan 31, 2012

...a Sunday drive along an oceanfront road, allowing the world of make believe to magically enter your bloodstream. It's thrilling, and oh so satisfying and rewarding when it happens, most likely leaving you craving and hungering for more as it leaves, disappearing like a adrenaline-filled lovers kiss. When I first began writing, doing something creative was pretty foreign to me. Coming from a mostly aviation-related background, where job skills are very precise and technical in nature, required turning 180 degrees to fit inside an atmosphere where reality was simply a figment of... (more)

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And Still We Try to Reason Why

By Thom Hunter, published on Jan 29, 2012

It’s okay to question why.

It’s okay to even cry.

Don’t ever hesitate to try.

God will answer; He won’t lie.

There’s no answer He won’t know.

There’s no place He will not go.

There’s no path He will not show.

God will answer; He loves you so.

No question lies within your mind.

That God cannot in love unwind.

That’s how we’ve all been so designed.

To seek from Him what we can’t find.

In His answers lies our peace.

In His words, we find release.

Our search can end, our troubles cease.

It all... (more)

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It's beautiful

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 27, 2012

"Hello…is anyone here?” he calls loudly. No one answers but dust settles to score to establish place for existence. Acoustic display of his own feet marginalizes his call. No one has come here for long but he asks himself, why that door is left open. He was asked to come and he is here. The pretending silence at times, intends reasons to explore and he climbs up the stair. At the mezzanine floor he finds a door, half open. Reluctantly he pushes the door and the door opens with a slight squeak; he calls “Is anyone here?” Again, no one answers. He feels as if the house and things are lying there,... (more)

Tags: love, passion, hope, rainbow

As the day gets started

By Betty B., published on Jan 19, 2012

As the day gets started I look to you for direction

I see the sun come up I call on you this morning

To lead me one way to you and your love this day.

As the day gets started I seek your face in all I do

I know you make all things new

As I go about my day I search for your hand in time

I know your ways will keep me inline As the sun rises and feeds the world

I keep you in my heart I know you'll never depart.

Written by:©Betty Bolden 10-29-04 All poems are copyright!©


Tags: love, life, bible, heaven, morning, christian, nature, wake, rise

A Silent Wave

By Betty B., published on Jan 18, 2012

... my heart.

Oh the thrill it was to hear your voice so silent as I opened up to you so wonderful this silent wave rushing inside my heart

I was searching for a answer to a question for so long there it was a silent wave rushing inside my heart

Your voice Lord, in ways I never found a silent whisper so very loud inside my heart the silent wave replied to me your love is so divine..

So when the shattered dreams are filling your mind please please listen to the silent wave rushing inside your heart.

Written by:©Betty Bolden 2-26-06 All poems are copyright!©


Tags: love, death, bible, heart, water, nature, sky, pray, wave, listen

Falling colors

By Betty B., published on Jan 18, 2012

Falling colors surround the ground falling colors all around the crisp wind blowing them like a dance that helps us see true romance

His hands shaping the leaves so divine their brightness clears the tears we cry we spread his joy from way up high.

Falling colors seem joyful in the sun as the squirrels leap and play to gather their food seems to be so much fun.

Falling colors light up the world they give us sight in this season of trial of how He will bring us all a brand new tommorow.

Look outside and see the sunshine help the fallen colors shape the ground keep... (more)

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Single and Never Married

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jan 18, 2012

...just commitment-phobic, too fearful, too insecure, not a risk-taker,” and the old standby “are you gay?”

God made everyone different, and some just weren’t constructed to marry—the ones who are much happier and content dancing to the beat of singleness drums, being a freedom lover, placing other priorities in life which are individually more important, and avoiding the sometimes heightened drama of marriage which can be overpowering and even devastating when things crumble apart. Each and every person was given an exclusive script for their life--marriage is simply not... (more)

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