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Love is eternal

By Uttam Gill, published on Feb 23, 2012 not a bad word, rather over a time it is very liberally used as synonym to limitation. Compulsion as I read, is a very passionate need, it articulate our thoughts which in turn motivates us. The myriad setbacks in life cannot be potent enough, to subvert the instinctive feelings of love. To extricate from the arduous trail of debacles, one needs to liberate the mind from the shackles of stifling customs and belief.

Liberation is an elemental core of our existence. Always question the validity of tortuous happening and remember that no question ever chokes; it facilitates ... (more)

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Living Apart Together - A Model for Relationship Success?

By Jacquie Somerville, published on Feb 23, 2012

...acceptable by those who are not. It seems so natural to me to want to maintain mystique and intrigue when it comes to ones sexual partner. I mean I find it so hard to remain sexually attracted to a man once I am privy to his burping, farting and other not so pleasant bodily functions. I love the idea of being together because you really want to be together and not because you have to - I think that this is why so many of us have friendships that last a lifetime but spousal relationships that crash and burn with alacrity. As you can well imagine, it was of great interest to me... (more)

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Our helper, understanding

By Betty B., published on Feb 21, 2012, and repent." What is the work of God he found to be in complete? To find out see: John's 6:29; first John 5:11-13. The carnal person would be the bound Christian: "You, my brother, were called to be free, but do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature... Serve one another in love"-Galatians 5:13a. So the bound Christian which is the carnal person is a Christian who is alive in Christ, but is bound by sin, and this hinders his relationship with the Lord. Romans 6:16 warns that "when you present your self to someone as slaves for obedience, you are slaves of the one... (more)

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Have you ever wondered?

By Betty B., published on Feb 17, 2012 Glorify His Name.

Have you ever thought,how great His ways are? His ways are so great,I just feel I can't wait, each morning to start anew,for Him to fill me with the things He has instore,to hear His voice,to feel His touch, keeps me longing for Him so much.

Have you ever said,Lord make me whole and keep me inline? Well,He will...just ask and His ways will fill you with His Love so bright,with all His might, His Love is forever,to keep us safe and draw us near.

So,don't fear,He loves You,and I and He will keep us intwined.

Written By:©Betty Bolden 4-27-03


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I was thinking of you, Lord

By Betty B., published on Feb 11, 2012

I was thinking of you just today, Oh,how beautiful you are in your own way,

I think of the words in the Bible alot, how you moved mountains and never lost control,

I was thinking of you Lord,just today your ways and the love that comes my way,

today Lord,you used me so much how wonderful it is to touch others with your love,

I was reading a book and thought of the blessing, that you gave in a story and warmed my heart.

I was thinking of you Lord,and I got a call, someone needed you, I let your love fall,

Your love fell from me to the soul on the phone,... (more)

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His Love

By Betty B., published on Feb 10, 2012

... failure in time of trial, why is it hard Lord to get out of this denial?

I know Your there, I see it in the sky I see it in the flowers growing wild with Your touch.

The birds sing to me on spring mornings like a call from my Lord I see it in the river right down the road,

I love to smell the Lilac that You have made me to hold.

I want You to know Lord,even with the lack of faith the doubt inside please remove,but I know I love you when I read Your word,its this world thats aweful so much pain I see and hear, keep me safe Lord,

safe from the evil one, in my ... (more)

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Amor Vincit Omnia

By Lumiere, published on Feb 10, 2012

Standinghumblebefore blinding light

Some call you God,others ReligionSpirituality


you are the truth we seekthe Holy Grailin the midstof our lieswhich dividerather than unite

Wars of disagreementlasting centuriesnever defilecrumble like old bricksbefore what is incorruptible

Wet tears to save the unbornarguing razor rhetoricnauseating wordspro life versus pro choice

While 6 million childrenbornwoundedbloody by warlimbs brokenfamilies destroyedsouls pierced by tramacry dailyin desperationfor healing from injusticearsenals of our hatredspreading... (more)

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Whisper To Me

By Betty B., published on Feb 9, 2012

Whisper to me, so soft so lowwhisper to me, keep me in your lightwhisper to me take away all this frightAs the day gets longerwhisper to memake me stronger.Take my handlead me in Thy wayshelp me see you, all of my days.Whisper to mehelp me take a standtell me things so soft and lowWhisper to menever ever let me go..Written by: ©Betty Bolden3-13-07Jesus My Joy Ministries©


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My Defender

By Betty B., published on Feb 8, 2012

My Defender I have a Mighty Defender, who watches me each day,He always keeps me,out of harms way. My Defender leads me on my way, stays forever,come what may. He is my Lord and King, My Defender for all eternity. Written by:©Betty Bolden


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Love Making-Sort of Empty

By Uttam Gill, published on Feb 8, 2012

...The shower is doing the magic; the trickling water carves the mood to dance.

The guiding rules of sensuality initiate my desires and I accept the consenting embrace and then, we owe each other an erotic explanation to enact in playful mood. While enacting we are not alone, the credible love facilitates the love making. The orchestrating love with sensuality maintains the longevity and that’s when we say; 'Oh! It’s so fulfilling.' Thereafter too, we hear the chimes of heart. It is not ritual, we hold each other and she places her head on my chest and I caress her back and... (more)

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