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They reject the shibboleth of hypocritical world.

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 28, 2012 the truth of their heart and belief. They create life to rejoice and they don’t pretend. The exploratory mode unseats the dejection and thrill takes over; from there journey begins and they enjoy.

Living and experiencing the unbridled openness invites communication of great passion. Passion generates creativity and the empowering passion drafts a resolution of beautiful world.They make life beautiful. The consenting explorers unwind the restrictions and bequeathed their will to the most sacred thing in life that is love . They reject the shibboleth of hypocritical world.


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Love...It Is All About You.

By baynurse, published on Apr 17, 2012

Love… it is all about you. When you love something, what is it that makes you think it is love for that person or thing? It is all about how it makes you feel, or how much you enjoy the feelings and sensations it gives you. It is about how you like the sensation of something tasting good in your mouth, like loving a particular food, or substance. It is about how you enjoy the sensation you get from looking at someone’s face, or body, you are enjoying how the image makes you feel warm and tender and perhaps even romantic. Love is felt when someone is kind to you and respectful to you,... (more)

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The Line Between Almost and Always

By Thom Hunter, published on Apr 7, 2012

...Almost becomes always. Because He did not, can not and will not make empty promises, I will always know that I am worth everything He went through. I will always know that He is with me. He made it clear that even death cannot separate us.


I can always live knowing He loves me and He gave Himself for me. And when I fail to love others as He did and does, I can always depend on His forgiveness and His help to forgive others as He did and does. To encourage others as He did and does.


And in times of trouble, which He knows will always be with... (more)

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Dear Christian: You're Scaring Them To Death

By Thom Hunter, published on Mar 23, 2012

...They are a part of us . . . apart from us.

I thought we Christians -- the church -- would be better at this by now. For me it's not so much a matter anymore. People know me; they know of my struggle; they've tallied my losses; those who choose have seen my restoration; they know of my love for others who struggle; they have reconciled themselves to an awkward admission that God does indeed do what God says He will: comfort the afflicted and restore the hearts of the wounded and love His own.

What did I think we would be better at by now? Not culture-trained tolerance,... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 22, 2012

JOIN MY SOUL Behind walls built with phantasmWounded from an uncaring worldBeyond this place, in your coreTrust, truth , beautyLong to blossomLike a barren flowerGrowing in the desert Drink from the chaliceOf pure love's nectarFly with wings of desireThe core of our immortalityA portal open to only thoseWho dare to hope and trustEven in the face of life's chaos Listen to the music of your soulsymmetry with harmony...Taste the shower of my tearsCreating a river in your heartTranspicuous glimmeringThe essence of myoverabundant happiness Move with and throughThe etched memoriesEngrained now... (more)

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What Do the Gay People in Your Church Look Like?

By Thom Hunter, published on Mar 17, 2012

... than constantly fixating on my own sex.) Gen 5:2

-- His commandments are not grievous. Christ’s yoke is easy and his burden light. (a Godly, heterosexual mindset is in the long run easier to bear, less painful, and more rewarding than homosexuality.) 1 John 5:3 and Matt. 11:30

-- Love seeks not its own way. (Homosexuality is never a genuine expression of love toward another human being.) 1 Cor. 13:5

-- God rewards those who diligently seek Him, and patience has its perfect work. (God will not forget my labors.) Heb. 11:6 and James 1:4

Forgiveness plays a big... (more)

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Mighty Warriors of Weakness

By Thom Hunter, published on Mar 13, 2012

...redemption and reconciliation. Against truth as sure as a slingshot, giants fall. Giants like doubt, fear, false identity, judgment, shame, guilt . . . the barbarians that have stood guard over your dungeon long enough.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. – Romans 8:37

I know. Even though we know He loves us, conquering is not easy in this world in which we live. If it was, I would have much less to write about. How many times did I convince myself I had cast the stone right between the eyes of the giants only to find them later... (more)

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Walking Away From Unhealthy Love

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 7, 2012

Most have experienced it: staying with the same person no matter how bad and unhealthy a relationship becomes, hoping against the odds that things will eventually get better allowing love to prevail. Some look to God, wish upon a star, or seek out and counsel with every psychologist around to heal the broken seams, replace bad with good, take another drink of love potion which brought bodies together in the first place, and inflame the sparks both felt while first meeting. But realistically, sometimes the right thing to do is walk away early on before you wake up one morning, aged, staring... (more)

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Eternal Love

By Aromal Mukundan, published on Mar 6, 2012

Never since i have seen himStill i am in loveNever been together we haveStill i am in loveI waited till it was eveBut soon had to leaveShe never came But i wont blameI waited till dawn And then was goneHe was seen no whereNot eve a single glareI know i will love herAs long as i liveFor i am the day And she is the night


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They don't destroy...They create

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 5, 2012

...with passion are different, they create...they build…they nurture…they nourish. Selflessly and unconditionally, they infuse life in others. What ever they do, they do it elegantly, and they do it with grace. Passion is not a borrowed terms of sympathy or pity…It is the ultimate emotion of love and care. My humble suggestion, if anyone come across such person; please thank your stars, that you are blessed….you encountered a passionate soul. While vaulting my memories, I certainly would like to treasure the moments with honor and due respect for a person who holds exception qualities... (more)

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