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How to kick start our subconscious mind?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 27, 2012

...the mountains that we were flying over now so sedately, it showed how far you could see, miles and miles in all directions. It was this glimpse of the carpark that I thought we are going to get back alive.

It really had crossed my mind, we were in the hands of a mad man. A chopper that loved pushing life to the limits. Something I was learning to cherish, to begin to start. How I will remember this ride. Something the pilot said you will tell your children about. Yes?.....

Yes, I was shaking, and when we finally landed I couldn’t take the seat belt off, I was... (more)

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To Kiss With Love

By Uttam Gill, published on Jun 14, 2012 important....Kissing is so intimate and passionate ...I certainly cannot hang my arms loosely; instead I would hold her face and brush her hair.

Kiss is the most intimate reflection of passion. It empowers you to say so sincerely and nonverbally that how you mean to be so much in love with her/him. It is a moment of ultimate affection and kiss in its magical prowess builds two bodies as one.

When kissing acquires the space of oneness and that’s then the burning sensuality engulfs the space and the symphony of intense ritual finds the node. Invitation makes inroads... (more)

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Honor Killing: Why They Kill People In Love

By Uttam Gill, published on Jun 9, 2012

Many so extensively and loosely talks about love, as nuisance. They do it without any remorse and they act as if, they only hold the divine right, to say so. I just can’t believe that how obnoxiously they try to overload their baggage of setbacks over others. They just don’t have any clue about love. They very loudly claim their place of righteousness by picking up the practices of centuries old, which has outlived its utility. I am aghast to see that many holds such archaic practices as sacred. Where these people are heading to? They collectively connive and demonstrate their outrageous act... (more)

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Let My Hearts' Song Be Gods' Breath

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 30, 2012

Let My Hearts' Song Be Gods' Breath

They say that God rests in reason...

That God moves in passion...

Your soul being the battleground...

Bring me sweet unity I pray...

Let not my mind rule my heart...

Gift me with the instinct and grace...

To discern false temptations...

To unite my justification...

With dedication flowing from

A heart filled with truth and devotion...

Let us meet and embrace in the clouds...

Lifted in elegance and ardor beyond

Earthly adobe and transplanted bewilderment...

Bring... (more)

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Love the Man, NOT his potential

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 28, 2012


Don’t think girls you can actually change a man without a lot of hard work from yourself.

Good Evening, my name is Jennifer Stone Author of the TAKe CoNTRoL series of books.

I am here to spend some time about Men and the potential us girls see, if you are in a all female or all male relationship you may see this within your own relationship it is just not a hetro thing.

Have you ever gone out with a guy and thought wow……………………………………

I am sure many of you will have had that happen to you over time.

Have you thought, when... (more)

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Lead Us Not Into Confusion

By Thom Hunter, published on May 28, 2012

...of "all is well" to "all is right." It won't stop there, of course, because all is never right as a new right emerges, a new wrong converges. Even now, when we say that homosexuality is wrong because the Bible tells us so, we are "wrong" because we are hateful. If we speak truth out of love, we are branded loose cannons and dangerous backwards-thinking irrelevants. We're told to get with the plan at the expense of what we know is God's plan.

Christians are not called to be set-apart for the sake of convenience. We should not pick and choose what stands we take based on the... (more)

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An Eclipse Of My Soul

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 26, 2012

...the void

Of silence which softens

And hugs the illusions

Which once held my dreams

Letting go of what never was

And embracing possibilities

Of what may be

Overcoming my ambience

Which obscures my mind

An eclipse of my soul

Which I will hold sacred

In my memories...

"A friend of mine had posted a song on Facebook which I had never heard and I loved it... so I wanted to write a poem to it...this is what I wrote....I wrote this in like five minutes while listening to it... music always inspires me..."


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Tell Me...Just Asking...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 9, 2012

Tell Me...Just Asking...

Tell me does carrying that bitternessAnger and resentment "feel " goodDoes it give you peace , is itSomething we need to teachOur loved ones and children...We all are here together unitedIn our humanity and strugglesThere is a "higher' self whichLives in all of us , waitingTo rise above pettiness...Can we all walk togetherSharing our own personal truthsI know you can teach me I also can open your eyesTo something you are blind to...We are like a flower waiting to blossomSpilling forth endless beauty and peaceLove is our gift to ourselvesEncompassing all mankindJoining... (more)

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Your Internal Reservoir

By DebTim, published on May 5, 2012

The power of love is truly amazing. Just a little love can go a long long way. Inside each of us is a vast reservoir of kindness. For some of us, it's not that easy to tap into. The fact remains that it's there and we need to use it more often. If we have this wonderful internal reservoir of kindness why do many of us experience a dry spell? Probably because we allow these pipes to get corroded clogging up the natural flow. If we allow this to happen, eventually our pipes of kindness with seize up completely and we will only experience a pitiful dribble. I believe to keep... (more)

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Do You Ever Think About?

By Betty B., published on May 4, 2012

Do you ever think about His touch? How wonderful He is and how He loves us so much.

His touch keeps us standing up to bring Him Glory because He is worthy of our Love and His ways won't lead us wrong.

Do you ever think about His words? His words won't lead us astray, they will keep us in His light He will lead us to all that is right.

Let's think about a spring day, a butterfly swoops by to say Hi, sometimes I like to think about the messenger butterfly God sends His whisper to us on the wings of a butterfly.

Do you ever think about the running rivers? The sounds... (more)

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