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On Becoming A Real Man

By Tony G. Rocco, published on May 4, 2009

...male.)Mr. Magic handed me a clipboard with an intake form on which to describe the presenting problem. I had already given him a two page autobiographical essay summarizing my life from childhood to adulthood and chronicling my relationship history, such as it was. What else could I say? My love life sucked.As we arrived at his suburban apartment, he asked me if I was allergic to cats. Cats, I thought incredulously. I expected a pit bull or Doberman. But this alpha male had four felines - and he had vacuumed his apartment thoroughly before my arrival, so I was fine.We ascended the stairs... (more)

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My True Love Story

By Jaci Rae, published on Dec 12, 2006 not all about Football. While I do use football language in the book, it's not a football book per se. But the crux of it is this, first your must make a decision to love yourself and treat yourself with respect and second you must make a decision to change your life, which includes your love life. It's that basic. No one can give you a magic pill or potion and no words can change anything in your life until you make a decision and commitment to yourself to change. A final word; is my life perfect? Nothing is perfect, but I am perfectly in love. Do I still struggle with my... (more)

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