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Sex: Catching Feelings

By Michelle Yang, published on Jun 15, 2008 phone calls.

You only get what you’re willing to take. If you don’t want him to call you late at night and show up for an hour of alright sex, then don’t let it happen to you. Sex needs to be disassociated with love if you do not already have a solid foundation to work from. Love is the ability to recognize what is good for yourself and others and to continually nurture that. You’ll know when the right person comes along because they’ll want to take you on a date, ask you questions about yourself and really know the quality of person you are. So until then, do what my ... (more)

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Turning a Date into a Mate Part II

By Jaci Rae, published on Dec 10, 2006

...technique of gazing into your partner's eyes. I usually recommend 15 minutes, but in the beginning, 2-3 minutes is fine. No talking, no looking away. I have seen this technique strengthen relationships that were already strong and help those relationships that were on the brink of disaster. Try it. If you want to have the love you deserve, remember my simple rule: Love is a gift, it's not a right. Love is a decision, it's not a feeling. Make the decision to change how you feel about yourself and how you treat others and you too can have the lasting and deep love you deserve.


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