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July 4, 1939: A Day That Will Never Be Forgotten

By Coach Phatty, published on Jul 4, 2013

...York Yankees and from that point on, I was forever a Yankees fan and a baseball fanatic. I tried to learn about as many famous ball players that I could and I loved so many of them.

My all-time favorite baseball player let alone my all-time favorite ATHLETE was “the Iron Horse”, Lou Gehrig…the Hall of Fame first baseman for the Yankees. I remember watching the movie “The Pride of the Yankees”, the Lou Gehrig story, totally mesmerized. I used to try to hit like him, play like him, etc.

One of the things that Lou Gehrig was so famous was two things: A disease that... (more)

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Jackie Mitchell: A Baseball Sensation

By Coach Phatty, published on Jul 2, 2013

...Ruth. After the first pitch she threw was a ball, the Babe swung and missed the next two pitches then struck out on a called third strike in the last pitch. Ruth complained and cussed at the umpire all the way back to the dugout. The next batter the 130 pound pitcher faced was the legendary Lou Gehrig and she struck him out on three consecutive pitches! The next batter, another Hall of Famer, Tony Lazzari walked which Jackie was then taken out of the game. The Yankees went on to win the game 14-4. After the contest, Ruth told the reporters “Ruth stated, “I don’t know what’s going... (more)

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