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Paff Celebrating Rich African Heritage Globally In Cinema

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Feb 10, 2009

PAFF-Celebrating Our Rich African Heritage Globally in Cinema

                Los Angeles-February is my favorite month of the year. I enjoy it because the marketing people promote love on Valentine’s Day so that you can show your spouse and/or significant other how much you love him or her with flowers, candy, jewelry, dinner’s etc.etc. What happens during the other 364 days of the year?

                I also enjoy February due to the fact that it is Black History Month, when we celebrate the achievements of African Americans during the shortest month of the year. Our history... (more)

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Mother, Jugs & Speed

By DLFerguson, published on Feb 2, 2009

...worth you taking time to watch it?

The F&B Ambulance Service is engaged in a war with their rivals at the Unity Ambulance Company. They’re in heavy competition to be given a highly lucrative city contract to be the exclusive ambulance providers to a section of Los Angeles and in order to be the winners, the F&B Ambulance Service is willing to do just about anything including letting the air out of their rivals tires, bribing the local cops and giving kickbacks to patients and providing them with a shyster lawyer who helps them get out-of-court... (more)

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Vanishing Point

By DLFerguson, published on Jan 30, 2009

...his decision at the end of the movie. Or maybe not. Maybe he was just really hopped up on the speed. Who knows? Cleavon Little is wonderfully manic as Super Soul although you have to wonder just what the hell such a hip black guy who obviously would be more at home in New York or Los Angeles is doing in a redneck town way the hell out in the desert. If you look close you’ll recognize John Amos (James from “Good Times”) as Super Soul’s engineer. The rest of the performances are nothing to brag about but they are quirky and intriguing.

... (more)

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Nfl Play60 Kids' Day At Nfl Experience

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jan 28, 2009

NFL Play60 Kids’ Day At NFL Experience

My journey to Tampa, Florida to cover events leading up to Super Bowl XLIII has come to an end. I return to Los Angeles Thursday afternoon. I had a marvelous journey here for NFL Experience presented by Bank of America and Super Bowl Media Day for the six days that I was in Tampa, Florida.

My exciting journey began several hours after I landed with a Media Tour of the grounds of the NFL Experience presented by Bank of America on Friday, January 23. The skilled tradesmen and women did a great job of getting the area set-up before... (more)

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The Rejection(s)

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Jan 28, 2009

... not. The person's name in this story has been changed to protectits guiltiness. If you do your research you'll know who I'm in reference to. This person is the maverick Editor in Chief of three of the biggest magazines mentioned below. Enjoy.

It had been raining most of the morning in Los Angeles when I decided to drive to my post office to check my mail. I had no major addenda on this gloomy Friday, except write and I was taking a break from that.I took my time getting there because as we all fellow Americans know most of you cannot drive when the pavement is slippery when wet,... (more)

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Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast?...Family Style

By Kim, published on Jan 27, 2009

The Coffee Company is located just 10-15 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. It is near Sepulveda and La Tijera Blvd.

One can watch planes descending on the way to "LAX" while enjoying a scrumptious cup of joe, home-cooked breakfast, thoughtful and engaging attendants, music ranging from Kenny G. to oldies from the seventies.

The manager is "Gus"; a well-known and loved owner makes it his business to greet customers individually if you come in on his shift. He has decided to do what he loves and open a restaurant neighborhood... (more)

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Youthful Spirit At Super Bowl Week In Tampa

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jan 26, 2009

...a few.

One of the main events that I attended was NFL Experience presented by Bank of America. This is an inter-active sporting event that kids and their parents can enjoy. The media were given an early peek at this event on Friday, January 23, hours after my over night flight from Los Angeles. The spokesperson was correct in stating "NFL Experience is under construction." It was amazing to see the transformation the skilled tradesmen and women performed to get the NFL Experience presented by Bank of America ready in time for tens of thousands of fans entering grounds on Saturday, ... (more)

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Synchronicity On San Fernando Road

By SUNofMAN, published on Jan 22, 2009

...Charles is holdinga basketball but I’ve replace the ball with an indian head. I wanted the piece to be a collage.I found the power of juxtaposition especially within surrealism still relevant today with so muchto ponder within our excesses. One day driving down Pico Blvd here in Los Angeles I saw this sign with the wordsRodman & Company Inc. and what appear to be a saw blade incorporated within the logo wouldfit perfectly on the right side of the design. You see in terms of text I wanted signs which included“son” & “man” in the text obviously a... (more)

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Ball Drop??? Who Needs It!

By Kim, published on Jan 5, 2009

Thousands may have watched with festive flair in temperatures of 4 degrees while the infamous ball descended in Times Square, New York, but in Los Angeles on a foggy and cold New Year's Eve we had our very own innovative transcend into 2009.

The Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles, California presented a celebration which captured and warmed a sold out crowd on the final night of 2008.

There was the magic of music, camaraderie, celebration, champagne, tasty hors d'oeuvres, soul connection, and unlimited elation.

A breath-taking and illustrious Guitarist, Kenny Burrell was on hand... (more)

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It's Kwanzaa Time In Los Angeles

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Dec 31, 2008

It’s Kwanzaa Time in Los Angeles

Los Angeles-Kwanzaa Heritage Foundation presented the annual Kwanzaa Heritage Festival and Parade on Saturday, December 27, 2008. The celebration was held on the second day of Kwanzaa-Kujichagulia (self-determination). This year’s theme was “Now Is The Time.”

The celebration kicked off with a parade. The parade started at Rodeo Road and Crenshaw Blvd. and continued down Crenshaw to Leimert Park Village. The parade consisted of high school marching bands, drill teams, line dancers, equestrian unit and the Buffalo Soldiers... (more)

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