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Strong Leonid Showers Expected Saturday

By Ariel, published on Nov 17, 2006

Amazing Leonid showers are expected to begin tomorrow Saturday 18th around 9 p.m. in Los Angeles(12 a.m. EST). The Leonids are prolific showers composed of the dusty debris of the comet Temple-Tuttle which orbits the Sun at 33 year intervals. The resulting shooting stars got their names from the fact that they seem to stream from a precise point in the sky: the constellation Leo. This event is not unusual and actually occurs every year around the week of November 17th, but Bill Cooke, the head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, is expecting this year's Leonids to be stronger than usual:... (more)

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The Levee Is About To Break

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 17, 2006

...problem as shipments of overseas goods land in Lázaro Cárdenas and it will be Mexican port workers who get to unload those ships and American longshoremen will be sitting on their cans because there will be nothing for them to do but pitch pennies off the end of the Long Beach and Los Angeles piers! Then let’s consider the safety rating of 18-wheelers from Mexico, crossing into the United States, unchecked and untouchable by our own law enforcement. According to the NASCO website (look it up yourself. I’m not passing around that pile of garbage) the trucking... (more)

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Plenty to Do, See on Third Street

By Josh Marks, published on Nov 16, 2006

...building around the city — the Santa Monica City Council recently extended their smoking ban to cover all public spaces, including restaurant patios. There is a restless energy to the Third Street Promenade that isn’t found in many other places around the greater Los Angeles area. The street performers, homeless, tourists and locals all provide something different upon every visit. The best thing about the Promenade is what it is missing – cars. From Long Beach take the 405 north to the 10 west and exit Fifth St. heading north, then head west on Arizona ... (more)

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Get in line today for your Playstation 3

By Ariel, published on Nov 9, 2006

...have to wait until 2007 to get yours if you haven't pre-ordered it. The West Hollywood Best Buy will have a launch party 3 hours before the official release. Romaine St will be closed to traffic between La Brea and Formosa during that time. Events will also be held by Circuit City in Los Angeles as well as other major U.S cities and they will even give away some free PS3s. Now, why all this fuss for a simple game console? Millions of hardcore gamers have been waiting for the PS3, the answer to Microsoft's console, the Xbox 360. The new generation Playstation will come with a 60Gb ... (more)

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My Drive to Work (an Homage to Los Angeles)

By quinne anderson, published on Nov 8, 2006

the 5, the 10, 101 and 110... a whore's legs, spread before me A regiment of phalli thrusts upward, raping the polluted uteran sky. The highways are a harlot, trod upon by the city's inhabitants who vie ceaselessly for position on her emaciated limbs The surface streets: a tangled web of broken women strewn across the landscape curving writhing They are heaped one upon the next an overflowing harem, layered haphazardly scrambling madly to escape their misogynist hell: into the desert, toward the ocean, into the valleys between the breasts of stronger women mountains, risen above the melée.... (more)

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Federline Ousted on Election Tuesday

By Hassassin, published on Nov 7, 2006

...has already begun to take place in Hollywood: Britney Spears has filed for divorce from Kevin Federline. Spears cited irreconcilable differences, which could be as simple as being forced to listen to K-Fed’s debut album. According to, Spears filed the divorce papers today at Los Angeles County Superior Court, and has asked for both legal and physical custody of the couple's two children, one-year old Sean Preston and two-month old Jayden James. Considering her hiring of “powerhouse celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who has repped a number of celebs, including... (more)

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“Tomorrow is election day…”

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 7, 2006

...take the time to read things for themselves and not just what the liberal main-scream media wants them to read. I have read all of the facts concerning every major issue at stake in this election and I’m here to tell you that most of what I read every day in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and even The Washington Post is only half of the story. It happens to be the liberal side, but it is one side of the story. Frankly, I am tired of the kvetching that goes on day in and day out about the war on terror. The war in Iraq and the war on terror are inextricably fused... (more)

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Who Do I Blow?

By AM Nelson, published on Nov 6, 2006

The new reality TV show, “Who Do I Blow?” is inspiring and touching young viewers across America. Swept up in game show hysteria, combined with viewers’ paradigmatic shift from sitcoms to reality TV, “Blow” embraces the challenge of finding a job in Los Angeles. Contestant screening is based on desperation, ability, showmanship, previous partners, and desirability. Winners receive starring roles, executive positions, or partnerships to tycoons. The network is considering adding a monetary pot mid-season to attract a new crop of innocent faces. Losers will wear humiliation and... (more)

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Real Estate in Los Angeles - crash or soft landing?

By Dan Maier, published on Nov 6, 2006

...on a home between 3 – 4 times your gross annual income or no more than 25% of your gross monthly income on a mortgage payment. This rule may gain some sway depending on your geographic location. For instance you may have to spend 5 – 6 times your income in popular cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York where, coincidentally, some people are currently paying up to 90% of their monthly income on a mortgage payment with the rationale that the increase they are paying for their mortgage will be offset by the increase in equity they will receive via the current... (more)

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New Kid On the Block: Is BrooWaha The Answer to LA's Newspaper Woes?

By Ariel, published on Nov 5, 2006

...If people want to use BrooWaha to meet bloggers, journalists, writers, etc, in addition to interacting with the site as a newspaper, more power to them. However, I don't think it will ever be primarily a social networking site. People will go to BrooWaha to read news articles and learn about Los Angeles and the world. BrooWaha is also a great tool for people to practice their writing and get feedback on it from other authors and readers. Finally it is a great platform to share ideas, discuss news, and possibly also make friends, enemies, and rethink journalism for the better. Source:... (more)

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