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Literary Fair And Jazz & Gospel Fest. Brightened The Day

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jun 8, 2009

Literary Fair and Jazz & Gospel Festival Brightened the Day

Los Angeles-Many people woke up on Saturday, June 6 and thought that it would turn out to be a gloomy day after a down pour of rain in the early morning hours.

I had the pleasure of attending two events that shined brightly on what some thought would be a gloomy day.

My first stop was Leimert Park Village for the 3rd Annual Leimert Park Village Book Fair with the theme “Celebrating Our Legacy: Families Reading Together.” Many families were in attendance to enjoy the plethora of inter-active,... (more)

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St. Elmo Village 40th Anniversary Celebration

By Ricky Ricardo, published on May 28, 2009

St. Elmo Village 40th AnniversaryCelebration

Los Angeles-It would be an understatement to say that everyone had a good time at the St. Elmo Village 40th Anniversary Celebration: Drums, Blues and Jazz Festival, Memorial Day Weekend. The celebration was held on Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24. The appropriate thing to say was an excellent time was had by everyone in attendance at the St. Elmo Village 40th Anniversary Celebration: Drums, Blues and Jazz Festival.

Welcome and Introductions were provided by host Charles Reese. He made sure that everyone was constantly aware... (more)

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A Culture Of Change At Jazz Reggae Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on May 27, 2009

A Culture of Change at Jazz Reggae Festival

Los Angeles-I mis-calculated my arrival time to the campus of UCLA due to errands that I had to take care of. I missed the performance of the group Louder Than Words featuring Alex Isley, the daughter of Ernie Isley of the Isley Brothers. I also regret that I missed Kalil Wilson & The Berkeley Everett Sextet for my annual dose of jazz at the 23rd Annual UCLA Jazz Reggae Festival presented by Scion, May 24-25, 2009 on the Intra-mural Field.

I enjoy the fact that the organizers allow students groups to perform who attend UCLA.... (more)

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La Forecast High Temp ... 39F???

By D. E. Carson, published on May 21, 2009

There is a misconception that everything west of the San Andreas Fault is going to fall off into the Pacific Ocean.  The reality is that the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate are actually passing each other.  It is estimated that in several billion years Los Angeles will eventually have snow on a regular basis because it will have actually moved to Canada.

Fortunately for us, we won't be around to see it.

But it certainly does bring up an interesting topic -- as does Digidave's proposal.

In the eight or so years that I have lived in the High Desert of California,... (more)

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The Northridge Quake - One I'll Never Forget

By Digidave, published on May 20, 2009

...the night.

For those keeping track that makes for a total of nine kids that my parents had to deal with that night.

It would have been fine had the it been a day earlier. But that night, at about 4:31am (only thirty minutes after we actually decided to go to bed) Los Angeles was rocked by one huge earthquake.

My sister's friends feared it was their meddling with the Ouija board.

My house in West Los Angeles was torn apart. As all the kids got under the dinning room table my mother looked at the kitche and got a general sense of the damage.... (more)

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Shame On Shaan

By wolviela, published on May 18, 2009

...normally like to write bad reviews but this is warranted, especially in the times where money is tight and if you do go out to eat, you want a pleasant dining experience for your money.

As a promise to my mom when I move down here to lovely sunny and recently Earth shooken Los Angeles, I come home once a month to visit.

Usually we go shopping, movie or dinner. You know the mother/daughter stuff.

My neighborhood that grew up in has had interesting changes over the last 30 years, and I’m glad to see some diversified restaurants crop up in the Dimond... (more)

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20th Annual Black Business Expo

By Ricky Ricardo, published on May 2, 2009

20th Annual Black Business Expo

Los Angeles-An Economic Stimulus package was delivered to local business owners and entrepreneurs gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Black Business Expo. This year’s theme “Celebrate A Vision of Change-Our Youth, Our Future.” This event is billed as the largest indoor Black Family Reunion. BBX Los Angeles 2009 is sponsored by One United Bank, Farmers and the City of Los Angeles. The dates are May 1, 2 and 3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Tom Bradley Hall.

I finally found time to attend events for the... (more)

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20th Annual At&t Fiesta Broadway

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Apr 30, 2009

20th Anniversary AT&T Fiesta Broadway

Los Angeles-Downtown Los Angeles was the site for the world’s largest Cinco de Mayo Celebration. I’m referring to the recent AT&T Fiesta Broadway, April 26th, 2009. I’m not sure of the final total attendance, Fiesta organizers were expecting over 500,000 along the 24 square blocks to experience a unique Los Angeles cultural tradition.

I took the advice of the transportation authorities to use public transit that took me right to the heart of all the action of AT&T Fiesta Broadway.

I walked from 1st... (more)

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Thunderous Latin Rhythms Reverberated Thru Ucla & Westwood

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Apr 28, 2009

Thunderous Latin Rhythms Reverberated thru UCLA & Westwood

Los Angeles-I’m still feeling the infectious rhythms of charanga, salsa, Latin jazz and Brazilian music in my pulse several days after my recent visit to UCLA and the Hammer Museum in Westwood.

The purpose for my visit was to attend the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on the campus of UCLA as well as The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Department of Ethnomusicology and the Hammer Museum joint presentation of Spring Festival of World Music.

Both of these events, held on Saturday, April... (more)

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Based On A True Story

By Tyler Langness, published on Apr 26, 2009 make it more palatable (read: simpler), throw in a couple of name actors, and the advertising claims can run the gamut from "true events" to "inspired by." Somewhere in the middle of this nebulous truthiness is where we can find The Soloist, the story of the friendship between Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez and the inspiration for his magnum opus, the schizophrenic musical savant Nathaniel Ayers. Before delving into the film itself, a little background - this film was supposed to be an Oscar contender. Filming finished last fall and Dreamworks was poised for a... (more)

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