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My Love You Are Gone

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 4, 2013

From where you took me, you left

Unrepentantly, you walked away

I wished my hope to rebel against, so as to hold you back

I gathered all my strength to say “Don’t leave my alone”

Your back, drew the big no and feet orchestrated the departure

“Oh! My love...Why? Why? Why you walked away”

With your back towards me, I ceased to exist

Come back my love...look back...Look at your man

Oh! I understood that now you won’t

You walked away with fanfare of arrogance

And I ,your man left alone on that sultry day

You drafted the... (more)

Tags: love, dreams, pain, lonliness, beloved, sorrows, parting

A Life Unnoticed

By Selina Jane, published on Nov 9, 2009

I used to run into him all the time at the local WalMart. I would be there loading up my cart with useless (but necessary) items such as; scarves, socks, pajamas, body wash, shampoo, laxatives, and tampons, while he was there with his cart full of smoking cessation aids such as; sunflower seeds, a jumbo pack of gum, “the patch”, and some of that nasty Nicorette gum. I always found it weird that he went to these great lengths to seemingly “stop smoking”, yet each and every time, at the checkout, he would still ask for a pack of cigs… Marlborough Lights.

One day while behind him in line... (more)

Tags: relationships, death, life, cancer, flash fiction, short stories, smoking, lonliness

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