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Lie Anyway

By D. Sager, published on Sep 12, 2013





Speak with your face turned away,

words that I long for you to say.

I believe them even if they may

keep my logic in constant sway

Holding my aching mind at bay

go ahead my love, lie anyway.


First Written in Opinions of Eye


Tags: mind, poem, love, relationships, abuse, desire, words, addiction, face, suffering, self esteem, co-dependence, speak, logic, nietzsche

Three Edged Sword: Trayvon & George

By DKIdea, published on Jul 21, 2013

I’ve read and heard a lot about the Trayvon Martin tragedy and thought long about my personal position on the matter. I understand that emotions are running high on both sides of the equation, but if reason doesn’t rule the day, then we learn nothing from all of this and are doomed to repeat the cycle. There is a 17 year old young man dead. We must ask why and assign some culpability, once we have the answer.

We should use the power of reason to uncover the exact moment, the very beginning of wrongdoing, that set in motion the chain of events leading to death.

Where do we begin?

... (more)

Tags: justice, truth, florida, reason, trayvon martin, george zimmerman, logic, self defense, manslaughter, stand your ground

Discovering Our Own Writing Style

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jun 20, 2013

A reading prompt once challenged me to:Write about how you choose to write about others in your blog. (Friends, family, etcSeriously, does every other writer logically plan out their articles, essays, short stories and books with their left brain? I simply cannot function like that. When an episode or opinion has popped into my brain, I did not consciously choose to write about that topic or person. It was an eureka moment, that surprised me. I wonder,

"Where did that thought or memory come from? I haven't thought about him for years!"

Suddenly a story springs to mind. I have... (more)

Tags: writing, creativity, writer, brain, logic, john fowles, lateralization of brain function, w. somerset maugham

The Super Man Club

By Rahul, published on May 25, 2013

...while superman and batman which have much better morality and humanity than them still remain in the comics and are seen with no doubt as pure fiction. And so the most evil characters ever fantasized by men roam around the heads of each individual, irrespective of age and sex, forcing its way through and threatening whoever opposes. It may bewilder those, who look to see and think to learn, that how a fictional character could make its fans believe that it is real and even question and challenge logic and reason to prove it otherwise.

PS: Belief without any doubt is stupidity.


Tags: religion, superman, god, logic, reasoning

Victim of Love

By D. Sager, published on Jul 4, 2012 goal. The relationship should not be ruled by this love, but give birth to it, then raise it in subjection. How should I act when faced with my “love”? Love needs a system of checks and balances. A spiritual check can help control my direction, whether this is a good choice or bad. A logic check is important as well. Seriously, can my love for an abuser, child molester, or addict be expressed best by exposing myself and my family to his/her aberrations? Love will choose the death of the loved one for the best of the whole. If I am held hostage, my wife being raped, my belongings... (more)

Tags: love, relationships, rape, abuse, victim, control, broken, threat, serial killer, aberrations, compliance, killer, logic, molester, slaughter, threatening, treacherous, useless

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