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The Hauntings of M. R. James

By Anastasia , published on Feb 26, 2013

My grandfather, my father’s father, attended Eton College before the Second World War, leaving there for Sandhurst when he was seventeen. During his time at school he got to know M. R. James, who was provost until his death in the summer of 1936. Grandfather was among the successive waves of boys that James introduced to the tingly delights of the ghost story, a genre in which the old master excelled, writing some of the best tales in the English language. He learned to love the ghost story from James just as I was later to learn to love the ghost story from him.

Montague Rhodes James,... (more)

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Book By David S. Grant Depicts Seedy Side of NYC Fashion

By ccmalandrinos, published on Mar 20, 2012

The work of David S. Grant has always had an edge to it. A novelist, rock columinst and travel writer, Grant lives and works in New York City. What better setting for his latest novel, Blood: The New Red.

Mickey, an ex-adult movie star turned supermodel, aligns himself with one of the top designers on Seventh Avenue. As he works to secure a job on the runway, he is thrown into a scene of sex, drugs, and alcohol. Going to work for Paul Johnson, one of two top designers in NYC, rival Sandy Johnson hires a homeless person nicknamed Kung Fu Master to show his line.

In addition to... (more)

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Talking Books with 'Fresh Heir' Michael Reilly

By boomergirl, published on Sep 6, 2011

We're talking today to Michael Reilly, author of the literary fiction novel, Fresh Heir. Michael is also the founder and chief executive officer of FitDivs Inc., a company that promotes and rewards healthy living. We interviewed him to find out more about his exciting new book!

Q: It's wonderful to have you here, Michael. Why don't you start by telling us a little about your background and how you started writing?

Michael: Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. I am 44 years old and live in Charlottesville, Virginia, with my wife, Lara, and four children. As a history... (more)

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Maccagnone Pens Gritty New Short Story Collection

By ccmalandrinos, published on Jul 18, 2011

The Book Connection calls it, "An edgy, emotional collection of poetry and short stories." Sentiments of Blue, by writer and entreprenuer, Garasamo Maccagnone provides a provocative look at life.

Set in a Michigan factory, the title story takes readers inside a workplace dominated by a ruthless bully and his cronies. While explaining the actions taking place around him, it becomes clear that the narrator yearns to escape the blue-collar life handed down to him from his father. “Perfect Game” unfolds during a minor league baseball game with Chi-Chi Gomez on the mound, a fearless pitcher... (more)

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Interview: Literary Novelist Garasamo Maccagnone

By ccmalandrinos, published on Jun 7, 2010

Joining us today is Garasamo (Gary) Maccagnone. Gary is the author of the novel, St. John of the Midfield, the short story collection, “The Affliction of Dreams”, the Christmas novella, For the Love of St. Nick, and the children’s book, The Suburban Dragon. His new book, My Dog Tim: and other stories, has recently been released by Outskirts Press.

Welcome Garasamo. We are excited to have you here. Can you please tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I’m fifty-one. I have two grown boys and a sixteen-year-old daughter, who just received a soccer scholarship to play at a Division... (more)

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