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Losing a Best Friend: The Importance of Listening

By Shantall Prado, published on Apr 1, 2014

According to the Ted Talk “Connected, but Alone?” by Sherry Turkle, technology is being used as a form to escape from each other. This is creating people who are connected but feel lonely. As Turkle claimed, ‘[...] no one is listening [...] we are expecting more from technology and less from each other.’ What she means is that we are relying on technology to help us with our problems rather than our friends. In a world where people are being brought together, losing a best friend can create devastating results, making this loss extremely difficult.

Breaking up with a best... (more)

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Listening - Prose (Part 2)

By JennyT, published on Sep 3, 2013

...bubbles in an effervescent drink

Listen to the water drip into the kitchen sink

Listen to the kittens as they softly purr

Listen to the shoes of a flamenco dancer


Listen to the one you love when they have something to say

Listen to the friends you have and laugh with them each day

Listen to the abused animals who haven't got a voice

Listen to the sadness of others so one day they may rejoice

Listening... A simple thing we take for granted.. sometimes we hear but do we always listen

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