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Keeping Professional & Personal Social Media Accounts Apart

By Miguel Salcido, published on Jul 11, 2012

Nowadays, it’s difficult to explore the Internet and not encounter a social networking or sharing function. With the added factor that many business professionals have a Facebook account, Twitter profile, LinkedIn page, and so on, individuals continue to grow connected online. With the use of social media becoming more and more prolific, the distinction between the professional and personal remains blurry. Stories of the two clashing constantly emerge, whether from managers asking for Facebook passwords or companies monitoring employee Internet use. How do you make sure that your personal life,... (more)

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Why Social Media Mercenaries Won't Get Far

By Therese Pope, published on Jan 31, 2012

... and disliked. Don't go into social media thinking that people owe you a favor, because they don't.

Here are three simple tips to make you more helpful (and less mercenary) with your social media marketing approach:

1. Share helpful articles and advice on your social media groups (LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, etc.). Set up Google alerts so you stay on top of late-breaking news and trends in your business and industry.

2. Don't demand people for back links. This is an outdated approach, and it's considered rude and annoying. If you write a guest blog for another blogger, it's ... (more)

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LinkedIn members confirm CareerSaver's beliefs

By CareerSaver, published on Apr 19, 2011

...With the economy slowly beginning to recover, CareerSaver wanted to know if IT certifications were still recognized as a valuable commodity in helping one secure a job and advance in said job.

Frederick Dietz, Director of Business Development for ISS / CareerSaver, turned to LinkedIn’s IT members to discover whether the beliefs of those within the IT industry coincided with Careersaver’s. The diversity of professions available on LinkedIn offered access to Microsoft, Cisco, CompTia IT professionals and more. Dietz posed the following question,” Certifications:... (more)

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