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Link Building - it's not just about SEO

By Jason Hulott, published on Jan 12, 2014

There has always been a huge link between link building and SEO, to the point that most people think that you can't do one without the other. Now while in one case that is true - SEO can't really be done successfully without link building - you can link build successfully without the focus on SEO benefits.

Ideas for Link Building...Not just SEO

·Brand Promotion

Writing and sharing relevant unique content on relevant third party industry sites, be they blogs, forums, article sections. Content could contain links to your site via brand links or links to your company social... (more)

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Let's Talk About Links : A Fresh Approach to Link Building

By Andrewspenceonline, published on Aug 7, 2013

... with infographics have found that a scrolling share bar on the left can get almost 40% more shares than infographics without it.


While paid ads have traditionally been used for making a profit, they can be as effective or even more so when used for link building. The idea is to use a paid advertising campaign that leads to content with the potential to go viral. You’ll have to look at the user metric to see how the audience is engaged.

You can try using Facebook ads, Reddit and StumbleUpon. I personally love StumbleUpon and have a lot of... (more)

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