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Michael Jackson, hate, religion, Jesus, love and to care

By Shaun Gibson, published on Jun 2, 2014

...of questions and am always willing to learn, if the teacher is educated of course. Imagine a world where we stopped learning from amazing people and from live itself, would that not just be horrid? To be 30/40 years old and never expand your mind or don’t even try, I don’t know if I would like a semi Orwellian world like that, so I like people who are open and open minded, always been part of my nature, what about you?

So Michael Jackson, let’s be honest, at some stage, we all loved or liked the man, he was a one of a kind, a total fluke of genius. Many will call him a... (more)

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Trying to imagine life without social media

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 3, 2013

...if I only let it?

Without social media, my concentration would improve, that much I am sure. I would not be constantly interrupting my daily chores to go check that infernal device for the latest chat or inspirational message. My self esteem would mature for I would not have those “likes” to prop me up but would have to “like” myself instead. I could spend many hours with just me and my thoughts and reap the inspiration that comes from a stilled mind. I would not suffer from “too much information,” a syndrome that makes you skim the surface of everything, just to... (more)

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Lessons on Social Media From Two Guys on the Subway

By Shane Joseph, published on Dec 9, 2012

...and starting a conversation. The woman I last dated couldn’t keep her hands off her Blackberry. I finally got up and left midway during dinner and she didn’t even look up from her Facebook chat.Sam: That FB thing is a bit overrated, especially if you are trying to sell something. It’s like preaching to the choir – “The Mutual Admiration Society” I call it. Everyone is shouting “Like me, like me.” I get on only to post snarky comments about us little guys getting screwed by the big guys. Saves me from going to a shrink. It’s also a great place for tree huggers and... (more)

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A Crime of Pas·sion {noun}

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Sep 28, 2011

This one has taken me a while to write, not because i find it hard to express myself but mainly because i did not know how to go about it. Nonetheless, i reconfigured my thoughts, my senses and now we can continue on... lately, i couln't help but wonder; is it a crime to be passionate about something else other than just your spouse/partner? Is it a crime to be passionate about your love itself? Is love a crime? Is passion a crime?

{Passion. Paaaaassion. Passiiiion. Passioooon. Passion!} No matter how you say it, it's a strong word - yet, why are so many people disregarding their love... (more)

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