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Breath (Prose)

By JennyT, published on Oct 4, 2013 far away traffic bad, anxious, panting, blowing air can't wait, it's now, it's coming now the car not quite a manger but ~ matters how?

toiling hard under summer sun no doctors on this round she squats and helps deliver her new son upon the ground

by an empty lane alone she grabs her tummy, pain is real, she's scared she's young, as water pools around her feet crouches screaming till her baby breathes

so with every breath you take try not to use it too complain for breath AS LIFE ~ A PRECIOUS thing a commodity we shouldn't waste

©jmtacken October 3 2013


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By JennyT, published on Oct 3, 2013

there will be moments, fleeting seconds

when a journey of ones self halts ~ mid stream

life’s own pattern that normally flows and

ebbs across jagged rocks across mossy leaves

there will be moments, when breath is hard to grasp

when knowing someone that you love cannot help

themselves, with tears that form, the droplets fall

no way to catch them, to make them disappear

there will be moments, you wish to trade their

place with yours, absolve the frightened

look held within their eyes, to give them

reassurance and all... (more)

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What Do You Think Matters ?

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 2, 2013

What do you think matters? If your not sure, then it's time to rediscover what is important in your life. Another words, what fuels your passion.

To discover this try to simplify your life. Stop doing things merely out of habit.

Turn off the TV for a while, or turn off the radio in the car, see where your own mind takes you.

And if you find yourself saying "Oh I love that", or "this is so much fun" pay attention.

This is leading you to your passion.

Try to get comfortable with actually doing what you love.

As you find what you enjoy doing,... (more)

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Life So Far...Cresting the Mid-Life Hump

By Marta Tandori, published on Sep 30, 2013

Jane Fonda, who recently talked about her life on one of Oprah’s master classes, characterized her life as a series of chapters. To Jane, her 60th birthday was the beginning of the third chapter of her life. I thought looking at life as a series of chapters was an interesting concept although I personally like to think of life as well…“life” – its winding path interrupted only by what I characterize as the “mid-life hump”. The “mid-life hump” is that prickly point between 47 and 51 when you suddenly realize you’re probably at the infamous “mid-way mark” in your journey through life. They... (more)

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An Idealist's Prayer

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Sep 28, 2013

...through my veins,

Merged with the vision of my soul

Painting my path, holding faith to my essence

Reaching beyond what lies on the surface

To an eclipse, dancing in the memories

Which originate somewhere

Beyond my humble being...

This canvas of life so vast

Having no beginning, nor ending

Never fear that you are not perfect enough

You are created in divinity

Sparing nothing to be

Your destiny calls to you

Embrace it without fear

You are never alone...

Look towards the light

In... (more)

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Russian scientist photographs the soul leaving the body

By Shaun Gibson, published on Sep 24, 2013

...leaves the body has been captured by Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov, who photographed a person at the moment of his death with a bioelectrographic camera.

The image taken using the gas discharge visualization method, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography shows in blue the life force of the person leaving the body gradually.

According to Korotkov, navel and head are the parties who first lose their life force (which would be the soul) and the groin and the heart are the last areas where the spirit before surfing the phantasmagoria of the infinite.

In... (more)

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What to Expect When Your Spouse Comes From Rehab

By VictoriaH, published on Sep 23, 2013

The big day is finally arriving when your spouse comes home from rehab. It is an exciting moment for you and your family because your family can become complete again and start the healing process. However, how do you know what to expect when your spouse comes from rehab?

Difficulty Sleeping Through the Night

You will find your spouse has difficulty sleeping through the night. They may wake up with night sweats or crave certain foods. Your spouse may have nightmares of their experiences with addiction or of the detoxing nights at the rehab facility. Your spouse could awaken and... (more)

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A Writer’s Repeating Themes

By Shane Joseph, published on Sep 23, 2013

...180 articles, averaging three a month, on a variety of subjects, all of which I thought were quite original and topical at the time. But when I re-read them, some key themes kept appearing and re-appearing. My articles seemed to fall into the following broad categories:

1)The Writing Life, its rewards and travails

2)Politics & Society, especially an exploration of the parts that do not work

3)Business Life, its necessity and its incompleteness


5)Social Media, its opportunities and pitfalls

6)Life Stages

So,... (more)

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Imagine – John Lennon - In cartoon

By Shaun Gibson, published on Sep 20, 2013

I “JUST HAD” To share this. Many dislike the “Imagine there is no heaven line” But I think many miss the point. This simple cartoon, I hope can make people understand the song a bit better. I think this is just BRILLIANT! The message is “HOPE, PEACE AND LOVE” Nothing more, nothing less. People who follow Religion always tell me “it’s a metaphor” when I ask about some things said in the bible or ask questions about God or the lack of God in action through prayer. I mean to upset nor hurt anyone’s feelings here, only put something into context. We can’t have our cake and eat it in this World.... (more)

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A Dog's Tale: When Things Go Wrong

By Coach Phatty, published on Sep 11, 2013

Many years ago, a friend of mine told me the following true story……

When he was growing up, a neighbor of his, Scott, had a big, Golden Retriever, Max, as a pet. Max would get into everything…the garden, the trash cans, ground hog holes, etc. and occasionally, ransack their neighbor’s things. One neighbor, Mr. Swanson, had told Scott and his family that if he ever saw Max come into their yard again, he would call the police and the pound then have Max taken away.

One day Scott and his family came home after school and called for Max. To their horror and astonishment,... (more)

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