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Sea Lace and Sadness: A Short Commentary on Grief and Loss

By Lynda Lehmann, published on Nov 17, 2010

This has been a sad month for my husband and me. We have lost three friends in the past four weeks or so. Three people full of life and wonder and vitality. Where their energy has gone, no one can comprehend. I am reminded of the preciousness of life.

We are all buffeted by the tide, often surrounded by circumstances beyond our understanding or control. Yet life remains beautiful, offering us moments of beauty and contemplation at unexpected times and in unexpected places. Thank goodness for those times when visions of natural beauty quiet the mind and heart and give solace.Like... (more)

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Oh Dearest Mother

By Frank - icare2be, published on Nov 17, 2010

...of your choosing.You're right, it is was not fair.We, family and friends, all losing.

I would have you very closewith moments of sharing.My heart warms and glowswith memory of garage sale-ing.

I know you would rather beHere with me and others too.Our time together was the key.My life improved because of you

My friends, yes, more than one.Chats morning and evening.They feel the nearness of their loved one.Their words, the veil between them thinning.Today, I share my dreams. My thoughts, even my prayers.You have heard me, it seems.There will be no more tears

In... (more)

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Call It What You Want!

By Frank - icare2be, published on Nov 10, 2010

Call it what you want.Call it day dreaming.Call it contemplation.Call it thinking, Or even time out from the world.

Whatever you call it,I need the time,To spend ruminating,Within myself.

I need these momentsof meandering around free of earthly bondsto meditate upon life's meaning.

I float upon clouds of thoughtful reasoningbalancing reality of a mad-mad worldand uplifting daydreams.

This is a time of healing,Understanding, planning, And sometimes escape To unreality.

When I return To your world, I am better, For taking this special time.

And so are... (more)

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Why Entrepreneurship isn't for Everyone

By Selina Jane, published on Nov 9, 2010

...never be able to join the work force. I will never be able experience the security of paid vacations, sick days, water cooler talk, casual Fridays and pay increases. Because I am destined to live the roller coaster hell-joy-ride of being an entrepreneur. Thanks dad… I think?

This life isn’t for everyone though. It requires a sense of humour, courage, and a love of highs and lows. Growing up the child of an entrepreneur I remember days when the water got cut off, or the lights were out, or the tax man came knocking. I remember boxes of random products in the living room... (more)

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Trouble Listening to You

By Frank - icare2be, published on Nov 9, 2010

I have trouble listening to you.

I have trouble listening to others.

I have these thoughts That intrude And shut off my hearing.

I become self absorbed In these thoughts.

These bandits steal My attention and my concentration.

They rob me of self respect And the respect of others.

No matter how hard I try To look into my friends eyes

And block out of all distraction The bandit jumps out

From behind some of the words I hearTo create a thought,

A contemplation, a derivationsOf what I am hearing.

I see the eyes before me change... (more)

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Sitting Quietly

By Frank - icare2be, published on Nov 3, 2010

...They are friendly folks inviting neighbors in for a bowl of soup and bread or to use thesauna. Young folks over age 18 usually go south to Detroit or Milwaukee. So the town is made of middle and elderly folks. A few of the younger folks come back when they find they cannot stand the big city life.

When I lived there it was not unusual to see couplesand families on the porches quietly sitting and watchingthe hills and possibly the weather coming over the hills.There was a bench in front of the post office where menwaited for their friends or wife who was shopping in thesmall... (more)

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The Weave of Life

By Lynda Lehmann, published on Nov 2, 2010

...a Rock

where tides flow to Eternity.

Yet still alive,

I choose the arbor path,

a tactile path imbued with inklings of

water, bark, moss, lichen

and wisps of tattered clouds

dancing among treetops,

to savor the likeness of all things

and their interaction:

the Splendid Shining Weave of Life.


All comments and constructive criticism gratefully accepted! I don't know anything about poetry--have not studied it

since high school--but still I have the compulsion to write it from time to time.


Tags: poem, life, nature, texture, imagery, visual, perception, cycles

Sky for all, stars for some.

By SZU, published on Nov 1, 2010

Just close your eyes

And think of me,

as a little star

out of your reach,

now open your eyes

Say, what'd you see?

Just one star,

Or a galaxy?

Life's like this...

a distant sky in bliss,

lot's of sparkling jewel,

but up. Too far.

If you lose your focus,

you lose your star.


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Ahhh.. The Dance Your dance of life and loving.

By Frank - icare2be, published on Oct 31, 2010

Ahhh... The DanceOne step forward.One step backward.One step to the left.

The dance goes on.Pick your partner carefully.One step forward.Pick one, not more.

The dance goes on.Three or more - steps on toes.Causes pain ,One step backward.

The dance goes on.Pay attention to the dance.Avoid going bump in the night.One step to the left.

The dance goes on.Hold your partner with care and love.There are others who want your place.One step forward.

Ahhh...The dance goes on.


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Whispers, Listening to Whispers

By Frank - icare2be, published on Oct 28, 2010

...and tree branchesin the stream near our farm in Upper Michigan.

Warm gentle breezes that brush across my face on alazy summer morn.

Warm cuddly hugs received from Mom as I prepare to leave the house.

Whispering: listening to whispers.Whispering memories, memoriesWhispering; Life is passing by.

Originally written: June 16, 1995

I love the change of seasons and the anticipation of the changes.Recently, a fellow writer asked which was my favorite season. It surprised me at first. I had not thought of that question nor hadanyone asked me that question.

... (more)

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