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Words of Thanksgiving from My WordPress and Personal Friends

By Coach Phatty, published on Nov 28, 2013

...from the dear people that decided to share their thoughts with everyone. It is my hope and prayer that some of these quotes (whether it be one, some or all of them) will be an encouragement to your heart.

I am so thankful for my two handsome sons, a beautiful wife, and the wonderful life that the good Lord has blessed with. ~ Me, Coach Muller


One thing? I have at least two. I’m thankful for a support and everything my parents did for me and doing..and for patience of my husband….as I’m not a sweetie all the time J ~ Anastasiias ~ Blog:

... (more)

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Regrets of the Dying

By Coach Phatty, published on Nov 26, 2013

...of them will always be with me.

A few days ago, I came across the following article that really made me think about people and what they are thinking when they are in their last days. Generally speaking, both of my parents told me that they had no real, big regrets about their life. But sad to say, there are many people who have MANY regrets when their life is coming to a close.

It is my hope that the following story which I read on, will touch your heart the same way it touched mine.


For many years ... (more)

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Lessons Through Pain

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 22, 2013 this affliction

Ignored with bitterness

Groomed with indifference


Fighting so hard

Trying to weed it out

Digging within the core

Strangled in confusion

Swallowing this bitter

Pill of betrayal

Poison of life

Lingering slowly

Undressed in hatred

Dropping me to my knees

Paralyzed unable to retreat


Weary and exhausted

Unable to move through

LIfe's hideous game

Immersed inside

Tenacious strength

Holding fast... (more)

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The Summer Rain

By Rahul, published on Nov 19, 2013

It began to rain at last,

after a long summer fast.

Wetting dirt, filling hearts

with each cooling drop.

The sun peeked through,

the dark painted smoke.

Painting a piece with -

its seven colour stock.

The valley brought to life,

as the river start to grow.

The wilted greens bellow,

danced in the rain’s mellow.

The elixir of life touched earth,

ending the latent summer and -

life rose out to the crust, to

a new beginning and to life.


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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 14, 2013

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all used this view when approaching the things that have been broken in our lives? Broken relationships, broken hearts, misunderstandings, you name it… If those things in life were repaired by every person with love, kindness, forgiveness, wouldn’t the world, wouldn’t we be better off for the repair? Wouldn’t we view our lives differently? Wouldn’t our values change in a heartbeat?


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Today Is The Day To Begin Anew

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 10, 2013

Do you know that the only walls, locked doors and prisons in your life are the ones you have built? I understand that this is hard to wrap your mind around and you may want to put the blame on all the others who have influenced your thoughts, mind and body. But today think of this in another way. Take your control back and decide that as of this very moment you are going to clear your mind of clutter, conflict and negativity.

Let go of all the wounds, lay down all the burdens, settle all the perceived debts which are probably not even yours to carry. Free yourself mentally. Do you understand... (more)

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By JennyT, published on Nov 8, 2013

rusted barb wire breaks

the softness of the sun obeying the winds anger versus calm two forces ~ never meeting

one holds strong, unnerved the other soft, compliant what does it remind you of the subdued against the harsh that will not falter

not breaking or succumbing to the elements ~ merely shifting side to side as it pleases unyielding in its path

heat that cannot melt the barbs both resilient ~ yet different chrome hues ~ coarse greys depending on the view

©jmtacken 31st Oct 2103


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What Is Your Breaking Point?

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 31, 2013

...was over. She went home and packed everything up, except his things and their bed , and left that night to never return. Of course this was just a stupid thing, but somehow in that moment in time, she knew with total clarity, that she would no longer deal with his irrational actions.

Life can be like this...We often walk a fine line between what is and what will be. Hovering in indecision, till we have a moment push us beyond our limits of tolerance. I know I myself struggled for years trying to decide what to do in my own marriage. I have never been rash in deciding what is ... (more)

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Honorific: To The Courage of My Newborn Granddaughter

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 18, 2013

When I read this daily prompt, the first person to pop into my head was my five-week old old granddaughter, not some famous person who has accomplished great deeds. What I find most startling about this little person called Lila is this look of utter surprise as she surveys the world. When Lila, turned at the sound of my voice and looked at me for the first time, her eyes widen suddenly in recognition. It was if she thought,

"Ah, so this is what you look like. I remember your voice."

She remembered the sound of my voice from when she was in the womb and at 6 hours old, finally... (more)

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A Wish

By Rahul, published on Oct 12, 2013

Wish I could go back and

Let out all those words,

Once held back hoping

To set things right.

Wish I’d studied less and

Learnt more of life.

Ways to be content

With what I have and am.

Wish to just sit listening to,

The old wise sea singing.

Tales of those brave souls,

Who once walked her shores.

Wish to see just the good,

Even in the worst enemy.

Just as one tries to find

A light in the dark.

By Algo


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