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The Big Bang Theory

By DebTim, published on May 7, 2012

Do you ever watch “The Big Bang Theory”? The title of that show got me thinking… Just for a moment imagine walking through the halls of the most amazing museums in Italy, wandering through echoing halls, viewing works of art created by the most famous artists of all time. These pieces – paintings, sculptures all expertly crafted long before you were even a thought. Now imagine some bozo saying something like this – “Wow, I would really like to know what amazing cosmic accident happened to result in the beautiful creation of these??” If you saw that you would probably think this person... (more)

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Heads and Hearts

By DebTim, published on May 6, 2012

...These two parts sometimes come to logger heads too. You know something is right because your logical mind is telling you so, but your heart is singing a different tune all together. In reality we need these two components to work together in order for us to live a happy successful life. We are rational thinkers, but without the emotional part we become lifeless. Our emotions play a huge roll in making judgments between right and wrong. Both are a powerful force. I believe our hearts have a way of leading our heads astray without us even realizing its happening.... (more)

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Do You Ever Think About?

By Betty B., published on May 4, 2012

Do you ever think about His touch? How wonderful He is and how He loves us so much.

His touch keeps us standing up to bring Him Glory because He is worthy of our Love and His ways won't lead us wrong.

Do you ever think about His words? His words won't lead us astray, they will keep us in His light He will lead us to all that is right.

Let's think about a spring day, a butterfly swoops by to say Hi, sometimes I like to think about the messenger butterfly God sends His whisper to us on the wings of a butterfly.

Do you ever think about the running rivers? The sounds... (more)

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Our Path In Life

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 4, 2012

OUR PATH IN LIFE Espouse thisIgnore thatSix of oneHalf dozenOf another...Forbearance counseledConnections neglectedRedundancy discerned Choices grappledPoints given and taken away...Facing crossroadsCrossing a fewRather than waste themAscertain the qualityChoose wisely...Better to forgiveLetting goThan to carryBurdens undeservedReleasing...Impulse is of the soulGently guided by the heartWhispering intuitionIn faith acted uponBrain left outside...Better to feed the soulStarve the propensityAsking what areWe here for anywaysWhat is truth...Equanimity balancedFilled with loveForgetful forgivenessConsorting... (more)

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The Effects of Reverse Psychology

By DebTim, published on May 1, 2012

One of my favorite children story involves a fox who catches a rabbit. The rabbit pleads, "Mr. Fox, do whatever you want with me but please don't throw me into the Brier patch!!" The fox is so angry that he does exactly what he was asked not to do. The rabbit on the other hand is quite thrilled because the Brier patch is just where he wanted to end up. Reverse psychology is simply telling someone something that is the direct opposite of what you want them to do or believe. Have you ever used reverse psychology to get what you want? Or perhaps to get someone to do what you want... (more)

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They reject the shibboleth of hypocritical world.

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 28, 2012

...You know what happened there after, when masses accept this; it creates a world, in which truth becomes the first casualty. The articulated world of denial acquires the centrality. It unleashes rejection, brings disillusionment and negates permanence of sane thoughts. The appearances of life in lesser creative mode cease to expand beyond the world of restricted outlook. In the dominance of satanic forces world cry.

Consummating liars walk hand in hand and their shenanigans results into total neglect of sanity. Hypocrisy falls for paltry sum of outrageous belief. But on the... (more)

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Let’s face the music and dance

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 22, 2012

When you get confined to dictates of monotonous state of life, then you ask yourself that now, what to do. You grapple with answers, you are restless. You certainly don’t wish to be confined. All that boring times, tells you to do something, to infuse thrill in your life. In a bloody boring time, you wish to break out from the tyrannical monotony. And how you do that? The brush of gentle breeze, rustling leaves, thunderous clouds chirping birds creates an acoustic aura of dazzling sound. Magically within us in silence, we create our own music and that’s how you unshackle your self from dreary... (more)

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Moments in Time

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 20, 2012


These moments in timeForever etched withinmy quintessencewoven in my heartNever lostin the transienceof ticking life forcepropelling us onwardTime may change us bothtoo quickly ...running before ustime well lived never fadesit in grains beyondwhat is seen

Glimmering before us touching the moonbehind gray cloudsreflecting the beautyof perfect peace.Copyright © 2012 Barbara MacDonald


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Your Identity

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 20, 2012

From the ashes, people rise and into the ashes, they merge. Into the timeless frame, when I put canvass of my life, I shudder. I shudder not with regrets but by the contesting lies, which carve my will of bequeath. The legitimate existence had been questioned many times but I carried on and withstood the assaulting questions.

Many a time life is orchestrated by the factors, which are beyond our control. And that’s where, one need to sensitize the environment, which permits the aggression of corrosive elements. When it succeeds, it rips of the rational existence of any individual.

... (more)

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Is There a Why?

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 16, 2012

...soulAfflicted, desperately holding onTo a sliver of aspiration...Your unpretentious smileBirthed a moment of graceBestowed a gift so pureCosting you nothingSaving unconsciously a soul...

I want to abide in this worldA world devoid of selfishUnperceptive apathyEyes that are openPerceiving life as giving...Take me away from recklessnessNever to amble on that pathWhen I am goneFrom this short momentIn time and space...Let me have had theCourage and fortitudeTo live with integrityRather than the narrowConfines of avariciousCoveting of paraphernalia ...A miniscule offeringInvaluable... (more)

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