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The Power Of Surrender

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Aug 24, 2012

... and what does this really mean? Somehow the word can bring negativity to mind, especially when our comfort zone lies in being in control. I would like you today to consider another context to surrender.( enlarging the definition and putting a positive spin on what surrender can mean to your life.) Let's stretch our mind, thinking, perspective and put down some of the fears that unknowingly can leave us stuck in the same place...repeating behavior that is not working for us, and is not truly bringing peace to our soul. You may rightly ask..."but is not surrender meaning we are... (more)

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Dream and Live

By Uttam Gill, published on Aug 24, 2012

...magical moment, it awakens you to find your lost self. These impressions are nothing but your dreams of existence. It is about the time when you laughed danced and lived fully. Your own existence is not a cheap piece of commodity which can be bargained with invasive alien.

You have your life to live with. No one can rob you unless you permit them to do so. Deny firmly the invasive gestures of any individual. Out rightly reject the whimsical views of others who wish to marginalize you. You are not a dead soul. There are many who in their emotional intimidation would not hesitate to... (more)

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And I remain as it is

By Uttam Gill, published on Aug 2, 2012

...seen, boldly written

Mourners too have left…no more mourning

Inconsequential queue of my long emotions

Patterns of miseries are getting too predictable

Piling burden of setbacks raise no more siren

To fall or rise has lost its relevance

Gladiators of life do not cry…Oh! It’s a terrible lie

Looking around seeing people smiling

Everything is so lifeless and barren

Running from whom when the identities are lost

Faces have lost their face and voice their voice

Try to sing with broken strings

Feather of... (more)

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This is my life

By Uttam Gill, published on Jul 29, 2012

...she struggles to surface. In dilemma, she grapples with truth and lies. She refuses to tie down and with stoic defiance; she enlists herself, to the cadre of die hard dreamers. People raise eyebrows; question the validity of her disposition and refuse to give space for her to buy any peace with life.

She knows that her happiness cannot be borrowed on imposing terms of conventional belief. She is firm and that’s how, she sets on a journey to realize her dream.

Today, she decided to cross the bridge, which she always thought would connect her to the world of cherished dream.... (more)

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Tomorrow Is Gone

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 28, 2012

Tomorrow Is GoneTomorrow is gone

Lost in a sea of forgotten


No longer holding

Truth or meaning...Ending with no chance

Of even beginning

Buried in so many false

Promises and illusions

Apparitions of lost dreams...Moving past and beyond

Not looking front nor back

Eyes closed to anything that

Tries to draw my attention

My heart emptied of caring...I walk on past this phantasm

Holding on to only proven reality

Devoid of perplexity or scripted

Words which bring only confusion

... (more)

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Eternal Souls

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 24, 2012 allowing my mind to explore it's meaning...while doing so, the poet in me giving birth to this...I want to buy a print of love it...Eternal Souls When we are goneWill you still embrace my soulYou live within a place That death can not destroyA sacred ground of eternal truth Life and death are oneNeither having meaning alone In the silent knowledgeOf your hopes and dreams Lies eternity's blessings Standing naked entwined Between here and there In the river of silenceYou find your songReaching your destinyNo more to climbTo that mountain topWhen life has claimed Your... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 19, 2012

Standing firmly on

the jagged edge of

stained boulder ...Contemplating the

eye of the storm

churn the mouth of oceanic neptunium

in front of me...I am like that

rain drenched



rising to touch the stars

I will not wait

for rainbows...

I will love the rain...

" A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning."


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Let's Celebrate

By Uttam Gill, published on Jul 17, 2012

... space of reasonable understanding and that’s how one gets happiness. Draw strength from the one who genuinely understands you and those who differ please reach out them.

No incriminating evidence of deceit should make you bitter and one should not linger on with battering experiences of life. What was to happen has happened. Create a space for sane thoughts; let no bitterness settle in your mind to unsettle you and others. Mark my word this won’t fetch any happiness.

Many a times in tiring circumstances when emotional edges get exposed to corrosive element of life, it is... (more)

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Freedom Never Dies

By Uttam Gill, published on Jul 11, 2012

Why do we admonish the one, who wish to take a course, which is perhaps not as per the conventional norms? The matters of life are designed and one is expected to live in the given frame work of rules, tradition, customs and belief. My foot, it’s incredibly depressing; no freedom defines any parameters and if it does, then perhaps the freedom itself, as we perceive, is flawed.

The so called, crusader of freedom loudly proclaim from the citadel of their make believe rampart, that we all need to live freely. Oh! God it’s a blatant lie. Nobody is free to choose. Time and again, I have been... (more)

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Thoughts To Ponder

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 7, 2012

...greatly to emotional and mental stability, they are:

Forgive . Rid yourself of suspicion and resentment. Nursing a grudge was a major factor in unhappiness. Forget . Live in the present. An unwholesome preoccupation with old mistakes and failures leads to depression. Accept life . Don't waste time and energy fighting conditions you cannot change. Cooperate with life, instead of trying to run away from it. Stay involved . Force yourself to stay involved with the living world. Resist the temptation to withdraw and become reclusive during periods of emotional stress. ... (more)

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