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You Cannot Lie To Yourself

By Uttam Gill, published on Oct 21, 2012

...yourself in tandem with your emotions. You never blinked once, to share your feelings; unlike others, you remained as, what you are. Undeterred, unfettered, unbridled and untrammeled, you carried yourself in equanimity with your perfection and deformity. You know, you are not a God and neither a devil; but as a plain human being, you devised the way to live.

You understood that it was imperative to create your world of happiness. You understood the legitimacy of your aspirations and of your dreams. You knew that you could not lie to yourself because it's your life, not theirs.


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Phillip had put his foot in his mouth again

By Cherry4, published on Oct 19, 2012

Phillip worked at BP Amoco for the past seven years as an Assistant Manager, was very good at his job and loved by all except everyone knew that when Phillip got drunk he would reveal all secrets about everyone who confided in him and so everyone learned to be discreet when Phillip was around.

Phillip was intelligent as well as very handsome. He was six feet tall, muscular, yellow skinned with brown curly hair, small, green eyes, a narrow nose and small, full, pinkish lips. He spoke with a British accent; the words were clear and his voice soft.

All the young ladies at the office... (more)

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Unconditional Love

By Cherry4, published on Oct 19, 2012

...experience it and when you do (for those that are single) you will meet that special someone who also understands true love and how happy you both will be.

When you are a grown man or woman and you understand true love, which is unconditional love, you do not allow the small things in life to come between what you both posses, you are not a child anymore, you have already learned the art of getting pass the smaller things in life and this is how the relationship endures, because you understand true unconditional love and how it makes you feel.

When you have true love with... (more)

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The Brown's

By Cherry4, published on Oct 19, 2012

...they reached the front gate, but the Brown’s never caught them. All they heard Mr. Brown say in the distance was “curse be on to you,” and they all ran home.

When Charlie got home he was scared of everything, for days he slept with his parents and when it was time for school, his dad had to drop him off. He never told his parents what he and his friends saw or he would get the spanking of his life for trespassing on other people’s property to spy; and his friends never told either. He just did not want to look at the Brown’s house again, not even from a distance.


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Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

By Cherry4, published on Oct 18, 2012

“As Clara turned the corner, she saw him,” Billy-Ray Neilson; the guy who newly came to live in the neighborhood. Billy had been living in this district for the past two months and he was the talk of the town. Everyone spoke about how handsome and quiet he was but Clara never saw him until today.

Billy was indeed very handsome. He was about six feet; slim built, of brown complexion and black, curly, short hair. His face was oval with brown eyes, a small narrow nose and thin, pink lips. As they passed each other on the pavement, eye contact was made and both smiled. Billy smelt of... (more)

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Namaste Leo Buscaglia

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 16, 2012

Many years you have walked with me

I carry a piece of your spirit inside

The best part of me

A noble place that often exists

In pure silence beyond

Superficial trappings of life...

Awakening in me a thirst for truth

Soul searching longing to arrive

At a higher place of peace

Unconditional love and grace

You open mine eyes

To what I have always known...

As the wind blows in the storm

There is no fear in me

I hold your truth firmly

Radiating every need-full time

Protecting me in the... (more)

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Survivors Of Life

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 6, 2012

... homes to talk one on one with them. I had arranged for many to come to my office to talk and spend some time in the library . I also set up a community kitchen to help the ones struggling to feed their families. As you gain trust with people, they start to open up to you and tell you their life stories. Over and over, I was hearing so many women telling me about sexual abuse they had lived through, having never gotten the proper help to move past it. I am the kind of person who will listen to what my instincts are guiding me towards, and I felt this was the area that I most... (more)

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How To Change The World

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Sep 30, 2012

You change the world and your life as well as others by LOVE....

Listen to the soul that speaks to you

Who sees you clearly

Who accepts and embraces

All you are

All you aren't

Take their hand

Assist their journey

Within your life's blood...

Give them shelter from life's chaos

Let them rest within your warm peace

Burn the embers of pain which

Make them stumble

Replace this with abundant hope

Courage them to begin anew

Strength birthed with their best...

Look... (more)

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Your Place

By Uttam Gill, published on Sep 16, 2012

You are not an animated version…you are real flesh and blood. Tinker over this thought and take a bonanza of reasons for you to celebrate. Every reason of your existence is so valid that you can build your life with lots of happiness. As long as you understand this and act upon it humanly, you create an environment for yourself and others to relish life. No given scenario can take away the best in you, unless one tamely surrenders. Hold yourself and out rightly reject the cantankerous thoughts. Your constructive line of thoughts will axiomatically keep you glued to sanity. Come what may, never... (more)

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Bridges of words

By Uttam Gill, published on Sep 12, 2012

From the ruins, I picked up broken times The shrapnel of hurt made words to bleed Truth in its trajectory took a course to reach Somewhere someone scanned the bleeding words Oblivious of this fact and I kept scripting my woes From my scriptures the parallels were drawn In my retributive mode I begged for attention I yelled in my passages and got drowned in applauses

Over the rejected oaths and broken pledges, I built bridges I was too busy to note that someone crossed the bridge I felt someone shuffled besides me someone unknown yet so familiar walked in The divine light seeped in... (more)

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